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Wireless Headphones Supplier

Category: Case Study
Vertical: Technology

Company implements one of the most powerful EDI for Dynamics AX solutions available for managing and integrating the Planning Schedule (830/DELFOR) and Planning Schedule Release (862/DELJIT) document set. As the world's largest supplier of wireless headphones for the automotive market, the company's OEM division provides wireless accessories under many world-renowned brand names.

Business Problems:

  • Required a solution to manage and integrate the Planning Schedule (830/DELFOR) & Planning Schedule Release (862/DELJIT) document set
  • Needed more streamlined ASN processing

Problems solved with Data Masons EDI:

  • Significantly improved accuracy of ASN processing with automation
  • Complete integration of the 830 & 852 documents with Dynamics AX

Data Masons Partner:


  • Lowered costs associated with ASN processing
  • Fully-integrated EDI solution with the ERP
  • Eliminated need for any manual touch points to process EDI