EDI is complex. Data Masons makes it simple.

Download the Executive Brief, "Selecting EDI for Microsoft Dynamics GP."

Adding an electronic data interchange (EDI) solution to Microsoft Dynamics GP is more than an attractive option – for some companies it is a firm mandate from their customers or a prerequisite to enter new markets. But entry level EDI solutions can have hidden costs that spiral out of control as your busness grows.

You want to ensure that the cost and serviceability of the EDI technology will remain viable as your business grows, though this is not a given with many EDI technology products.

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  • Important factors in EDI selection for Dynamics GP

"Compared to the embedded EDI solutions for GP, Vantage Point EDI delivers tight integration to GP without customization, which makes new GP upgrades a snap with zero cost for us."

–Jim Dennis, Director of IT, Thirstystone Resources