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Top 10 Reasons Companies Choose Data Masons

We know you have a choice.

And we hope you'll make it with us.

See the top 10 reasons customers choose Data Masons, then let us know when you're ready to talk EDI. We'll be here and are ready to help with your EDI initiative.

  • + ERP integration focus

    We focus only on EDI and only on ERPs where we have dep expertise.

    Data Masons is the industry’s ERP integration expert in addition to having unmatched EDI expertise. The company’s deep knowledge of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP platforms (AX, GP, and NAV) and the Exact Macola solutions removes the risk and excessive costs that are potential hazards when working with companies lacking similar expertise. Compared to any other company in the industry, Data Masons provides the most document integrations to all of these platforms.

    “We could tell Data Masons were experts in our Microsoft Dynamics ERP platform during our initial meetings. This was important as we wanted a provider that could help us eliminate customizations we had to build to satisfy the needs of our earlier provider. Our recent version upgrade would have been much more difficult had we not had the Data Masons’ EDI product.”

    Gary Godman, CIO, ESI Enterprises


  • + EDI solution vs. tool (no ERP customizations!)

    This is how we make EDI simple.

    Customers prefer our ‘plug-and-play’ solution that meets EDI integration and compliance requirements. Implementation is a simple set-up process as opposed to a software development project which may put you and your ERP platform at risk. The Data Masons EDI solution requires no ERP modifications for tight integration and, combined with Data Masons’ library of 12,000+ partner approved maps, you can implement integrated EDI with over 1,800 different businesses quickly and cost effectively.

    “[Data Masons] EDI proved to be a tightly integrated, out-of-the-box EDI solution that did everything we needed to handle our EDI requirements with no ERP development needed.”

    Bill Blyth, Oldcastle Precast


  • + No transaction or document fees

    So no "gotcha" expenses you hadn't budgeted for.

    Many companies provide seemingly low-cost solutions, but what they also have are unpredictable and, in many cases, exorbitant document and transactions fees. Data Masons gives you the choice to move your data in the manner that best suits your business needs without any unnecessary transaction fees, resulting in lower and more predictable cost.

    “When we found out we could do unlimited transaction processing with Wal-Mart and Target using [Data Masons] EDI, we dropped our web forms provider and purchased [Data Masons] EDI. Our monthly transaction charges went from $3,800 per month to $0. The integration saves us time, money and eliminated errors – the ROI has been tremendous.”

    J Wang, Pepsi Bottling, M.V.


  • + End-to-end automation with management by exception

    After hours, Data Masons EDI keeps on working. 

    Data Masons provides a ‘lights out’ automated workflow solution that excels in trapping and reporting discrepancies when they happen, a feature that is not available in any other solution in our marketplace. Data Masons EDI is truly an end-to-end application that runs 24/7/365 without human involvement, except in the case of discrepancies that require a staff member to resolve or approve (e.g. a price discrepancy).

    “Our company is a Microsoft shop and we liked the SQL and .NET technology foundation. Reporting has been a dream and we love the flexibility and control SQL provides. The Data Masons’ EDI Scheduler provides “lights-out” automation, audit reports and informative exception alerts which is exactly what we wanted.”

    Jeff Perrye, Vice President of Finance, Advantus Corp.


  • + Performance

    Our performance keeps up with your volume, no problem.

    High volume distributors know that performance can make or break an integrated EDI solution. The Data Masons solution leverages Microsoft SQL multi-server load balancing to provide outstanding performance in extreme transaction volume scenarios.

    “On a busy day Ferry-Morse Seed Company must process 5,000,000 sales order lines. Data Masons was the only provider we could find that could guarantee that volume integrated into our Dynamics AX ERP solution. We are very pleased with our decision and the excellent relationship we have with Data Masons.”

    Tamra Gargus, EDI Coordinator, Ferry-Morse Seed Company


  • + Accelerated ERP Deployments

    We don't let EDI slow down your ERP implementation

    New ERP implementation projects can be delayed or even derailed by complex EDI integration projects. Our knowledgeable service team can work independently and deploy an integrated solution without distractions to your ERP project.

    “We chose Data Masons because we wanted a solution that would not slow down our Dynamics AX deployment. Their staff worked closely as part of our team that made it very easy meet our timetable without worrying about EDI integration or mapping. It was as close to plug-and-play as I could imagine.”

    D. Peters, VP of IT, Nucal Foods Corporation


  • + Extensive

    With over 12,000 documents and over 1,800 trading partners, we've got you covered.

    Customers get up and running quickly and easily by connecting their ERP system to the supply chain partners including customers, suppliers, public warehouses, freight companies, trading networks, banks, brokers, customs and government agencies.

    “We were using three different websites to input EDI data. Data Masons handled all of our partners and eliminated all of the data entry.”

    Mitch Buchwalter, Home Stuffings, Inc.


  • + Flexible Service Levels

    We work around your needs now and in the future.

    Some companies want to manage EDI operations themselves, from partner communications to mapping compliance. Others want a fully-managed experience without any involvement in EDI- related matters, and then others want something in between. Data Masons provides multiple levels of service that provide your company with the service level that best matches your needs and budget.

    “We originally purchased the EDI solution from Data Masons and had them manage all of our compliance. After we completed some major IT initiatives we decided to take over the EDI mapping. We appreciated the fact that Data Masons is willing to support us either way and we’ve found we can create our own integrations and process flows using their mapping without any custom programming.”

    Nick Hutchens, IT Manager, good2grow


  • + Industry Expertise and support

    Knowledgeable consultants combined with Data Masons EDI’s industry specific features help our customers avoid costly mistakes and spending valuable budget hours training their EDI consultants on how industry partners operate. See the Industries pages to learn more.

    “We chose [Data Masons] EDI because Data Masons understood our distribution model and industry partners such as Tech Data and Ingram. Also, they had great references.”

    Mary Henry, Virtual Iron Software, Inc. 

    "Data Masons' unmatched level of industry expertise and superior technology model will go a long way in maximizing our clients' Microsoft investments."

    Michael Burnham, President, Panatrack



  • + Reputation

    We're proud of our work, our product and our team members.

    By putting the customer first, delivering quality solutions and unparalleled customer service, Data Masons has become the leading EDI provider.

    “We heard Data Masons was the best option from several different companies in our industry at a recent user group meeting. We decided to abandon our existing EDI solution based on the feedback we heard from other companies using the [Data Masons[ EDI solution. They quickly replaced our existing EDI solution and solved many challenges our prior vendor could not address. ”

    Hank White, Thunder Creek Industries