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 Customer Testimonials 

Fifth Sun

Expert EDI service provides peace of mind

This graphic tees company does 85% of their business through EDI, so they couldn't take any chances when it came to finding the right solution. For over six years, they've trusted Data Masons to provide:

  • expert EDI knowledge
  • responsive technical support
  • increased efficiency

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Dynamics AX Customer Gains 105% Increase in Output

After getting bogged down with orders and overwhelmed with trying to manually keep up, once they implemented Vantage Point EDI the benefits started stacking up with:

  • smoother invoicing
  • increased cash flow
  • significant reduction in errors
  • an easy implementation
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Customer Service now Cares for Customers, not Administering Orders 

After many referrals to Data Masons, this manufacturer decided to move to Vantage Point EDI for integration with GP for a complete supply chain solution which allowed them to:

  • eliminate a manual data pull every 15 – 20 minutes
  • decreased manual orders from over 300 to 3 a day
  • have both supply chain and customer service automation
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With Vantage Point EDI Streamlining to 99% efficiency became reality

This manufacturer experienced such growth that their customer service reps had become a data entry team instead of caring for customers. Now they have: 

  • eliminated manual orders
  • increased customer satisfaction
  • full integration with 3rd party applications like MercuryGate
  • completed customer side EDI and moving to supplier side
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Tolco Corp.

Newly expanded mfg facility a requirement due to growth from EDI

This plastics manufacturer and Macola customer has experienced such ease in bringing on new, large Trading Partners that they've built an expanded manufacturing facility.

  • New to EDI they found Vantage Point EDI easy to learn and use
  • Data Masons helped to get them up and running quickly and painlessly
  • EDI has helped grown business
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“Of all of our Business Solution Partners we use at Rosco Vision Systems, Data Mason’s EDI solution has been flawless.  The solution works well, no issues at all. 

Our largest customer has been doing line sequencing with us for over 10 years and no issues. Kudos to their team, especially Donna and Karyn.”

- Eric Krott, Manager, Inventory Control, Roscoe Vision Systems


“The Data Masons EDI solution for Dynamics AX 2012 was the easiest application we implemented into our AX 2012 environment. Our first project, fully integrated EDI processing with a third party warehouse, took several weeks to implement which was fast. What was most surprising was the implementation of our second warehouse relationship – it took 24 hours!

Data Masons has created an amazing EDI solution that makes it easy to implement new processes and trading partner relationships with Dynamics AX. They do all of this without AX customizations which is a key value proposition to Chobani.”

Chobani Logo

- Maureen Hurley, Vice President , IT Strategy & Architecture, Chobani, Inc.


“Over the past 30 years I have had the opportunity to work with more than a few EDI solutions. Data Masons’ VantagePoint software has proven to be the best and most advanced, so far. As we continue to use VantagePoint (since 2009) and learn the database, I am repeatedly impressed by the design of the system, the database, and the built in flexibility that allows us to do just about anything we need to do to solve the ever evolving problem known as EDI. Data Masons consultants, techs and mappers are always happy to help and share whatever knowledge they have that you need... and jump in to help whenever their expertise is needed.

Most importantly, Data Masons understands the urgency that often accompanies EDI transaction problems and they will go the extra mile to help resolve these problems when the clock is ticking. Thank you Data Masons! I couldn’t be happier with your EDI solution.”

-Jeff Sachs, President, Alembic Computer Systems


"I have used other EDI managed service solutions with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and none of them compare to Vantage Point. The design of the software is very intuitive to begin with, but I also received hands-on training from Data Mason’s staff that helped me get more out of the software in terms of workflow scheduling and managing documents.

I would also like to say that the level of customer service that I receive from Data Mason’s is excellent. They are very attentive to my needs and I would recommend them to anyone in the market for an EDI managed service solution for any iteration of Dynamics NAV."


- Zachary W. Roberts , EDI Business Analyst,
Simon Golub, A Shrenuj Company


“The architecture of Data Masons' solutions enables our team to tailor processes and integrations without changing the core system and inhibiting upgrades. With our current implementation, we only worry about exceptions when they occur, otherwise transactions flow seamlessly without user involvement, which drives huge ROI for our company.”

Advantus Corporation Testimonial - Data Masons EDI

- Jeff Perrye, Vice President, Finance, Advantus Corp.


"We just upgraded to Vantage Point EDI 2012 and in a word – awesome! The new Microsoft ribbon-style format makes training and use so easy for the team. The enhanced detail and description on reports, especially when an error occurs in 850 being rejected, has cut my time in half in determining why a line-item in a PO was flagged. Thanks again for making my job easier and having a great product!"


- Andy Laurance, IT Director, Atlanco


"Vantage Point was the only EDI solution that could demonstrate seamless integration with AX. Having an EDI solution and EDI partner that understands AX and provides seamless integration that works with our customizations' X++ code has been quite a benefit for our company and would be beneficial for any Dynamics AX user.”

Olde Castle

- Bill Blyth, CIO, Old Castle Precast


"R&W Supply has been successfully using Vantage Point EDI since 2001. It was the easiest aspect of our ERP/EDI implementation and we’ve been very happy with the efficiency and performance of Vantage Point EDI. Customer service and tech support from Data Masons has been top notch for us. Thank you for helping make our company a success!”

- Nigel Purdon, R&W Supply


"Accu-Tec International was able to implement Vantage Point EDI for less than originally budgeted and it provides excellent functionality and integration to Dynamics AX. It is a great fit for a contract fulfillment company."


- Daniel Williams, IT Manager, Accu-Tec International


“Relying on Data Masons as our Dynamics EDI provider gives our team confidence going into every engagement that we can deliver an EDI solution that will 100% satisfy our clients’ requirements. Not only are our clients satisfied, but we appreciate Data Masons making our jobs easier by taking EDI obstacles out of the equation during the sales cycles and upgrade opportunities - a true partner! ”

mac connect

- Doug Hatfield, VP Solution Development, mcaConnect

“Vantage Point EDI for Axapta (Dynamics AX) has helped Cuisine Innovations become more efficient and more competitive. We can set up new partners quickly and affordably without problems. The solution works well with our customizations and EDI orders are entered in the same manner as manually entered orders but without any data entry effort. The program is very easy to use and support has been excellent. I strongly recommend Vantage Point EDI to any company needing integrated EDI with Axapta.
Cuisine Innovations

- Philip Decker, Vice President, Cuisine Innovations, Inc.

"Our previous EDI solution was unable to meet the challenges of our advanced price structure in Dynamics GP. The combination of Data Masons' expertise and the flexibility of the Vantage Point EDI platform accommodated all of our Dynamics SOP customizations. Now our retail partners can order any one of the thousands of products from our catalog via EDI, and there is no need to create EDI cross-references, unlike our earlier EDI solution. Our company has saved time and money while increasing sales order volume with Vantage Point EDI. We strongly recommend Data Masons and Vantage Point EDI.”


- Thayer Coburn, IT Director, The Coburn Company, Inc.


“Data Masons' Vantage Point EDI software is easily the best EDI solution I have found for Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta). Vantage Point’s ease of use and flexibility allow you to be EDI-enabled with a wide range of trading partners very quickly with minimal programming and setup time. I would recommend Vantage Point as the best solution for anyone needing to process EDI in Dynamics AX.”


- Gary Godman, Vice President Information Technology and Services, E&S International Enterprises, Inc.


"We originally purchased the EDI solution from Data Masons and had them manage all of our compliance. After we completed some major IT initiatives we decided to take over the EDI mapping.

We appreciated the fact that Data Masons is willing to support us either way and we’ve found we can create our own integrations and process flows using their mapping without any custom programming."

-Nick Hutchens, IT Manager, good2grow

“Data Masons makes it simple for us to work with them on EDI solutions for ERP. They are EDI experts who recommend solutions that make it easy for the implementations to be a success, and eliminate the headaches which can happen with complex EDI projects.”

Image result for i.b.i.s. Inc

Andy Vabulas, CEO, I.B.I.S., Inc.

“Quaker Lorraine needed an integrated EDI solution for Dynamics GP set up quickly – our goal was two weeks. Our previous EDI provider was unable to meet our EDI requirements properly and it was hampering business. Data Masons was able to meet this aggressive timetable and migrate all of our partners to the new solution. I’ve been involved in four different EDI implementations and was amazed that such powerful integrated EDI could be implemented so easily.

"Vantage Point EDI has reduced our workload and we can now focus on selling new national retailers. We prefer to do business using EDI technology because it is more cost-effective than non-EDI order processing. I advise anyone looking for a powerful EDI solution supported by a professional team to look at Vantage Point EDI from Data Masons.”

- Mitch Buchwalter, President, Quaker Lorraine Holdings, LLC

“Thirstystone Resources carefully researched replacement EDI solutions for Dynamics GP after service and functional problems with a previous EDI provider. Vantage Point EDI from Data Masons provided the best of all worlds and we have been very pleased with Vantage Point. Vantage Point was very simple to set up and get running. Using Vantage Point we can process thousands of transactions with retailers such as Target and Wal-Mart with zero transaction fees – which we found not possible with hosted solutions.

"Compared to the embedded EDI solutions for GP, Vantage Point delivers tight integration to GP without customization, which makes new GP upgrades a snap with zero cost for us. Overall, the cost of Vantage Point was much lower than other options and Vantage Point has provided an outstanding return on investment. We strongly recommend Data Masons to any Dynamics GP user needing a top notch integrated EDI solution with a very low cost of ownership.”


 - Jim Dennis, Director of IT, Thirstystone Resources - Read the case study


"During the initial implementation of Dynamics AX we went with an EDI software package recommended by our VAR. As it turned out this package didn’t really meet our needs, particularly when it came to upgrading from AX 3.0 to 4.0. That’s when I first learned of Data Masons. Their Vantage Point product is easy to use, even simple enough for non-EDI types. The integration process was painless and I didn’t experience any of the 'nickel-and-dime' tactics often employed by other software vendors. Data Masons’ support staff is helpful and does a very effective job of defining the problem and communicating action items."

"The software incorporates a large number of standard Dynamics fields but also includes several user-defined fields when customization is necessary to overcome special circumstances."

"I would recommend Data Masons and Vantage Point to anyone seeking to integrate EDI in to their Dynamics AX ERP system. Our partnership has worked splendidly for more than a year."


- Tom Antoni, IT Manager. LMC Industries, Inc.




"When working with our GP and AX clients and we hear EDI is a requirement, we turn to Data Masons as one of our main options given their deep EDI, Dynamics ERP and industry expertise.”


Bond Consulting Services

- David Gersten, Customer Success Manager, Bond Consulting Services

Little or no source code changes needed for tight integration
No document or transaction fees
Professional and courteous service from EDI experts
Low risk setup and cost-effective EDI solution
EDI Made Simple

EDI Made Simple: A New Approach to EDI

If you're about to bring EDI into your processes, this brief will help you avoid the potential pitfalls often encountered. If you’ve attempted to implement EDI already, you’ll likely recognize at least some of the problems we describe, and gain from our explanations on how to avoid them.This paper will present a clear, simple path to successful implementation of a highly productive and profitable EDI initiative in your company.

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Choosing an EDI Solution

Choosing an EDI Solution: Build or Buy?

Choosing an EDI software solution for your company is a serious undertaking. The right choice results in a smooth and painless process with strong positive ROI. The wrong choice can have detrimental effects for years with poor ROI and ongoing operational and support issues. One key question we often hear is “Should we build it or buy it?”.

Download the Executive Brief

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting an EDI eCommerce Solution

Don’t be caught unprepared with your upcoming EDI project. From the provider and solution, to your business needs post-implementation, a company can prevent costly headaches by being as thorough as possible in their pre-implementation research.

Download the White Paper

Integration Without Customization

Integration Without Customization: 3 Keys to Automated Integration for ERP and EDI

This paper will present the key components of a successful automated integration solution for ERP and EDI without customizations. After reading this paper you'll learn: - how to gain a competitive advantage with this approach to EDI and ERP integration - and how purchasing tools which force customizations to your ERP system can leave you responsible for costly and time consuming modifications to the systems. Following this best practice approach to integration can help you on your way to experience integration success.

Download the Executive Brief


"Vantage Point EDI software is easily the best EDI solution I have found for Dynamics AX. The ease of use and flexibility allows you to be EDI enabled with a wide range of trading partners very quickly, with minimal programming and set up time."

–Gary Godman