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Technology and expertise deliver EDI integration with ease

Extensive Windows-compatible functionality without ERP customization

Data Mason's EDI reliance on Web Services, Microsoft’s .NET, SQL and XML technology components enables powerful cloud-based or on-premise functionality with a low total cost of ownership.

Since Microsoft’s SQL platform is highly-scalable, Data Masons EDI can traverse large record sets with lightning speed, making it a true enterprise-class solution. And while Data Masons EDI handles complex transaction relationships, its unique design provides simple, out-of-the-box, plug-and-play integration that can get you transacting with partners in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

Solution oriented design

Data Masons EDI is a functional solution – not just a set of tools

Unlike legacy translators such as Sterling Gentran® (GIS) and Trusted Link®, Data Masons EDI creates the outbound documents your partners require without forcing the ERP system to store and return extraneous data to the translator.

Each element of the inbound document is captured in a standardized XML format within the SQL database and made available to Data Masons EDI’s mapping system to provide the needed information to the partner.

Control updates and ERP upgrades

No ERP customizations make upgrades simple

Data Masons EDI’s non-embedded design and XML data storage within SQL allows virtually any new compliance initiative without the need for costly ERP customization, upgrades or integration.

Data Masons supports ERP integrations long after the ERP solution provider has terminated support for the version. Data Masons EDI upgrades can be accomplished in minutes by your system administrator.

Architected to support Cloud-based environments

Data Masons EDI delivers the same benefits in the cloud that its unique, feature-rich technology model offers for on-premise.

With a focus on web services, tight Dynamics ERP integration and end-to-end transaction support, Data Masons stands apart with a solution architected to support cloud-based environments, even before cloud-based computing became a true business opportunity.

Standardized handling of data formats

Standardized handling of different data formats is a key component of Data Masons’ EDI Made Simple® concept.

If the proper standard is loaded, then the data is always handled the same way, regardless of the data format or version used by the customer. Data Masons EDI is also very simple to set up among diverse partners without a complex implementation project. 

View a full list of the data formats, communication protocols and security standards Data Masons supports.

Powerful mapping functionality

A managed compliance model using SAAS technology enables instantaneous map changes via the Web.

Data Masons EDI’s Universal Data Translator can “map” the most accurate data by dynamically retrieving data from any potential source of the needed data – the accounting system, the original inbound document, cross-reference tables, a web service or virtually any other ODBC-compliant data source such as spreadsheets and databases.

Extensive trading partner network

Data Masons connects with any trading partner, delivering the confidence you need to meet new and evolving trading partner requirements. Data Masons maintains a library of over 12,000 documents for more than 1,800 trading partners and trading partner kits can be installed in minutes so your company can begin transacting with business partners immediately.