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Remote Warehouse Integration

Supply Chain Distribution

Efficient, Accurate and Integrated


Remote Warehouse Integration can encompass business relationships with remote (third-party logistics) warehouses for the distribution of goods, warehouse distribution services and contract manufacturing. If so, many warehouses utilize an electronic business document exchange system that saves time, increases efficiency and eliminates common errors.

Data Masons EDI supports advanced supply chain concepts, such as, import management from factory to freight forwarder to third party logistics to customers or other final destinations. These business scenarios can include the Warehouse Shipping Order (940), Warehouse Shipment Advice (945), Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice (943), Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice (944) and the Warehouse Inventory Adjustment Advice (947) documents.



  • Automatically generates the Warehouse Shipping Order directly from pick tickets
  • Selects orders for billing from the 945 Warehouse Shipping Advice



Efficient and error-free communication with Remote (3PL) Warehouses

Automated outbound shipment and billing orders


Promotes efficient and accurate supply chain distribution activities






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