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Purchase Order Change Request


Purchase Order Change Request (860/876/ORDCHG)

The Purchase Order Change document is initiated by the buyer to request changes to a previously transmitted purchase order or to confirm acceptance of changes initiated by the seller.  Various change codes are used to communicate item additions, changes and deletions, increases and decreases to quantities, and changes to fulfillment dates and prices. 

Timing of executing a purchase order change is crucial especially if the order has started its fulfillment journey.  Data Masons EDI offers flexible options that meet different business scenarios; from an automatic generation of purchase, order change reports to appropriate business users to the validation of inbound purchase order changes against the original Purchase Order to determine the appropriate integration of additions, changes or deletions to the ERP application.  Depending on the business scenario, the sales order may be updated or deleted to allow replacement sales order creation.    


  • Automatic generation of purchase order change reports and e-mail alerts
  • Comparison and validation between purchase order and purchase order change


  • Flexible reporting and integration options
  • Mutual agreement of changes preserved between parties