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Purchase Orders Acknowledgements

Outstanding Flexibility for 855/ORDRSP Purchase Order Acknowledgements


Minimize time and efforts for the most demanding documents

The Purchase Order Acknowledgement is used to confirm receipt, reject or amend the purchase orders received. They are a common and demanding EDI document for many trading partners. Most partners expect fast and accurate acceptance, rejection or amendment.

The document may be a simple acceptance identifying the purchase order number and an order status of accepted or rejected or a more detailed acknowledgement outlining items, quantities, prices and transit dates.

Data Mason's EDI Purchase Order Acknowledgement Process offers automated options to facilitate quick turnaround of the document by leveraging the originating purchase order data in conjunction with valuable data in your ERP application. Individual acknowledgements may also be amended prior to transmission. These features minimize time and labor while maximizing flexibility and accuracy.



  • Generate the acknowledgement based on the inventory availability and planning information in the ERP application
  • Includes the ability to automatically create an acknowledgement on receipt of a purchase order based on trading partner predefined settings; for the trading partner that requires a simple acceptance notification
  • Supports the manual creation of an acknowledgement in an easy to use form with “Drop-down” selections and data fields limited to applicable values for each customer so that illegal values cannot be transmitted. This simplifies the acknowledgement process and helps prevent errors.
  • Leverages the Universal Data Translator mapping tool to ensure trading partner specifications and compliance is met upon transmission




Flexible creation methods


Preserves contractual order details and fulfillment timelines with your trading partners


Accuracy of order fulfillment and final invoicing




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