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Provider of Prepaid Products

Category: Case Study
Vertical: Technology

Transition to the prepaid cell phone market requires new EDI capabilities and the industry knowledge of an expert EDI for this Microsoft Dynamics AX client. The company is the leading provider of prepaid products for consumers and businesses, offering the industry’s most popular prepaid gift cards, ticket cards, and sports cards and a large selection of prepaid wireless and phone products from the top telecom partners.

Business Problems:

  • Increasing volume of EDI as business expands in to the prepaid cell phone market
  • Lack of true EDI integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Problems solved with Data Masons EDI:

  • Quick onboarding of trading partner network to begin transacting with retailers immediately
  • Elimination of ERP customizations to accommodate EDI requirements

Data Masons Partner:


  • Scalability to support increasing business volume
  • Seamless upgrades with zero customizations made to the ERP
  • Dedicated support team with both EDI and ERP expertise