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Provider of Consumer Electronics

Category: Case Study
Vertical: Technology

As an early adopter of Microsoft Dynamics AX ("AX 7"), the company needed a better EDI solution that could fully integrate with the ERP and support its 75+ trading partner network. With a rich heritage of technology innovation since 1977, the company has developed a global presence by consistently evolving alongside technology to develop on-trend, cutting edge products, licensing over forty major entertainment brands and maintaining a diverse portfolio of product offerings including cameras, electronic toys and computer accessories.

Business Problem:

  • New ERP required a 3rd-party EDI solution that could integrate without customizations to Dynamics AX
  • Needed a scalable EDI solution to manage its high volume of trading partner documents

Problems solved with Data Masons EDI:

  • Integrated without any additional customization requirements to the ERP
  • Automation and scheduling of all key EDI processes without any manual intervention


  • Avoided disruptions to operations and unnecessary chargeback fees thanks to speedy partner onboarding
  • Accurate and timely processing of automated EDI processes
  • Option to use outsourced compliance management services or continue with in-house management with Data Masons' mapping tool
  • Ability to integrate with 3PL as business needs evolve