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Price/Sales Product Catalog


One set of data works for all of your business partners

The Price/Sales Catalog document (832) is required by some partners to receive and store product-related specifications and prices. Data Masons EDI provides a standard file format that can be populated via an Excel spreadsheet or using standard data export tools such as Crystal Reports' SQL scripts against your accounting and EDI product data. One set of data works for all of your business partners, so there is no need to replicate and load the data into different websites or other solutions.

Once the data is assembled and made available to Data Masons EDI's® powerful mapping tool, the Product Catalog map transmits only the products/attributes of interest to each specific partner in their required EDI format.


Simplicity, ease of use, and flexibility

Simplicity, ease of use, and flexibility are the hallmarks of this EDI application.

Other benefits include easy creation of product catalog information via spreadsheet or other data stores, unlimited translation and transmission fees at no additional cost, an affordable purchase price, and no subscription fees.


File format flexibility

Files can be loaded and integrated from a variety of formats, including ANSI X.12, EDIFACT, Tradacoms, cXML, XML, all ASCII, PIDX, OILDEX, ADP, RosettaNET, Odette, VDA and OpenInvoice.