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  • December 9, 2020

Data Masons Announces Platform Advancements

Data Masons' forward-looking approach centers on ERP/EDI optimizations and improved total cost of ownership.

Data Masons—an expert in cloud-based solutions, data transformation, and integration into enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms, including Microsoft Dynamics 365—announces user-centered improvements to its EDI software platform. The advancements address the need for Data Masons' current customers to be even more responsive. Data Masons now offers a more flexible solution, better user experience, high volume architecture, and an optimized approach to ERP and electronic data interchange (EDI) integration. 

The changes were designed to optimize usage—from an implementation, efficiency, and scalability position—on a global basis. Data Masons' latest offering provides improvements in several key areas, including user experience, Microsoft Azure, improved total cost of ownership (TCO), and additional support for high-volume integrations.  

The features and functionality optimized for adoption and use of ERP and EDI:

Seamless ERP user experience - Data Masons has made improvements that enable business users to securely access and act on key EDI-related information from within their Dynamics 365 environment without making requests to their IT or EDI department. Unique business requirements that apply to trading partner interactions, like EDI, are seamlessly woven into business processes, thus saving time and preventing errors. Additionally, distinctive business logic is merged into the Data Masons integration so requirements can be fulfilled without having to modify the ERP application.  

No EDI code in ERP - By utilizing a tightly integrated but loosely coupled integration architecture, Data Masons now provides a feature-rich user experience from within the ERP application without introducing invasive and costly ERP customizations. This approach provides an integrated user experience while avoiding inhibitors or complications to the ERP upgrade cycle. The results are simplified ERP upgrades and overall lower costs, risks, and complexity.

Data Masons cloud - Data Masons' Azure-based cloud offering aligns seamlessly with the Dynamics 365 cloud-based ERP. The Data Masons cloud platform provides ease of deployment, improved reliability, lower total cost of ownership, and improved operational performance. End users now leverage a lower cost model, as well as the convenience and efficiencies of the cloud environment, via their EDI platform and ERP environment.

High-volume integrations - Data Masons utilizes the Dynamics 365 data management framework (DMF) as part of its core offering for high-volume integrations. DMF scales to throughputs of millions of transactions. This type of ERP integration-layer performance, coupled with Data Masons' high-volume parallel processing architecture, provides an enterprise-level EDI platform that scales to significant transaction throughput.  

"These improvements will no doubt enhance company performance. However, most important is that, with this integration architecture, no ERP customizations are required. This means less effort or risk to the ERP upgrade cadence. This approach, coupled with the future-ready cloud solutions that Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics 365 provide, gives valuable time back to IT and customer service departments so they can spend more time doing what is most important," said Steve Massey, Vice President of Technology. "Data Masons will continue to raise the bar on performance to stay ahead of our customers' growing trading partner relationships."

The Data Masons platform enables enterprises to connect all of their business systems and supply chain and to access new and emerging technologies from many of the world's most innovative companies. 

Read the full press release here.

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