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  • January 26, 2016

The Marco Company Increases Cash Flow With EDI Solution

Case study details how The Marco Company's transition from an outdated EDI system to an industry leading solution freed the company from financial and supply chain delivery bottlenecks.

Case study details how The Marco Company's transition from an outdated EDI system to an industry leading solution freed the company from financial and supply chain delivery bottlenecks.

Data Masons Software, LLC., a leading provider of Integrated EDI and XML solutions for Exact ERP customers, announces the availability of a case study for Exact Macola customer, The Marco Company. The Marco Company is a family-owned business that specializes in providing merchandising solutions for the retail industry. The case study highlights the business and financial drivers behind the company’s decision to replace its EDI technology and the significant impact made by implementing Data Masons’ Vantage Point EDI solution.

The Marco Company’s previous EDI technology was unable to support the methods and procedures required for the company to receive prompt payment from its customers. Opting not to continue with software patches and customizations, The Marco Company decided to seek a newer, better EDI solution that could scale to support the expanding volume of EDI transactions.

"The result to the business of relying on older technology was that it handicapped our organization financially, and handicapped our customer delivery commitments and communication through EDI,” stated Bob Durden, CIO, The Marco Company. After selecting Data Masons to replace the company’s Gentran EDI system, Data Masons accelerated the implementation process to get all of the unprocessed transactions transferred to Vantage Point EDI. “Data Masons advanced our project by more than a week, transferring and reprocessing hundreds and hundreds of transactions within just four or five days, and as a result, we received a $2.5 Million deposit on the very first transaction,” added Durden.

Vantage Point EDI allows customers to easily integrate ERP with EDI, making it simple to comply with EDI mandates from trading partners, while also streamlining order processing activities. The solution’s built-in capabilities transform laborious manual data entry processes to an automated seamless data integration environment. “We were doing so many things manually or through unusually written scripts to accomplish things that barely came near to what Data Masons already has built in,” continued Durden.

“By the time The Marco Company contacted us, they were already extremely deep into their EDI problems and were basically in a down situation. With our expertise and innovative technology model behind us, we were able to quickly deliver a solution that would free The Marco Company from the EDI challenges that had previously handicapped them. We’re extremely excited to see The Marco Company operating today with the flexibility they need to move and adjust quickly in order to execute on their customer delivery commitments,” stated Dennis Bruce, Director, Business Development, Data Masons Software.

To learn more about Vantage Point EDI and its benefits, read The Marco Company’s case study online.

About Data Masons Software

Since 1996 Data Masons has specialized in EDI Made Simple®, offering advanced, turnkey EDI & XML solutions for Microsoft Dynamics customers. Data Masons' Vantage Point EDI solution provides a complete EDI processing platform that enables users to become more competitive through tight EDI integration and ongoing compliance - all without the need for expensive and disruptive ERP platform customization. Data Masons' compliance services, product flexibility, extensive EDI and ERP integration knowledge, and partner-driven experience have made Vantage Point EDI the winning choice for high-performance business document integration at more than 1,000 customers. Additional information about Data Masons and its solutions is available at http://www.datamasons.com


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