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Outbound Invoices

An Advanced Storage and Translation System

EDI invoicing is a crucial aspect of any business cycle. Accurate transmittal of invoices ensures efficient payment processing without costly delays.

Data Masons EDI is designed to extract invoice data from your ERP system and render partner-compliant EDI invoicing. The invoice document typically indicates the items that shipped, original purchase order numbers, pricing, service, allowances, charges (SAC) and taxes where applicable.

Data Masons EDI stores all the original inbound purchase order data to be leveraged easily on all related outbound documents. This is critical since most ERP systems do not store all the necessary EDI data to produce a compliant EDI invoice.



  • Standard Allowance Charge (SAC) handling with all supported ERP systems
  • Sales tax and value added tax (VAT) support
  • Flexible invoice consolidation options
  • Supported data formats include ANSI X.12, EDIFACT, Tradacoms, cXML, XML, all ASCII, PIDX, OILDEX, ADP, RosettaNET, Odette, VDA and OpenInvoice
  • Ability to edit the document before translation or uploading to the trading partner
  • Easily re-transmit an invoice on demand



Automated invoicing eliminates manual entry errors

Efficient payment processing



Flexible Invoice Consolidation Options






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