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Manufacturer of Sailboat Hardware

Category: Case Study
Vertical: Technology

EDI without integration to the ERP took the wind right out of their sails given the undesirable amount of data entry resources the company was utilizing to support EDI. A world-leading manufacturer of sailboat hardware, rigging components, sailing wear and accessories, the company's products are the equipment of choice for racing dinghy classes and many high-profile offshore racing programs.

Business Problem:

  • Existing EDI technology did not offer integration with Dynamics AX
  • Preferred to have a single EDI vendor that provided both a solution and integration with the ERP 
  • Lacked direct EDI functionality that would eliminate per document fees with trading partners who supported it  

Problems solved with Data Masons EDI:

  • Fully-integrated EDI solution with the Dynamics AX ERP
  • Automated all previously manual sales order to purchase order processes 


  • Global technical and customer service support to facilitate between US-based client and Australian-based technical team
  • Significant cost savings with the elimination of manual data entry resources
  • Direct connect capabilities to eliminate per document fees with trading partners