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Topson Downs

Manufacturer of Fashion Apparel

Category: Case Study
Vertical: Technology

Ongoing customizations to Dynamics AX to support EDI couldn’t keep up with business expansion and continued to produce label generation errors and shipment delays. The company manufactures all categories of ladies' apparel and is focused on accommodating mass-market retailers and specialty stores, shipping over 100 million units in the last five years alone.

Business Problems:

  • System was challenged when combining different sizes and colors of the same product style into one box or separating different sizes of the same product each into its own box
  • Continuous label generation errors dramatically slowed processing times
  • Programming costs to create new ERP customizations that could accommodate EDI were mounting                          

Problems solved with Data Masons EDI:

  • Eliminated unnecessary customizations to Dynamics AX to join all of their trading partners in communicating orders via EDI
  • Orders processed correctly regardless of multiple sizes, colors and styles being pulled into each order


  • Quick and responsive order processing without the investment and delays associated with custom programming of the ERP
  • Increased efficiency with time-saving reports that are automatically distributed to a specific email list
  • Flexibility to easily identify and manage all of the minute details of their trading partners' unique EDI requirements 


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