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EDI Managed Compliance 


EDI Managed Compliance For ERP Systems

Let Data Masons Handle the Rules 

Data Masons’ basic service levels includes all the compliance changes you will ever need. All ongoing mapping and compliance changes are included in your annual fee. Data Masons stays on top of all the compliance requirements and technology, so your company does not have to. Whether it is data formats, new interfaces, or business processes, labeling or business rules processing – Data Masons handles it all.

Fast Setup & Smooth Migration


Map Changes

Map changes can be implemented instantly using Data Masons’ SaaS (software as a service) technology without updates or complicated installations.


Trading Partner Kits

Data Masons EDI trading partner kits can be purchased and installed in minutes so your company can begin transacting with business partners immediately.


Sophisticated Compliance Rules

Handle sophisticated compliance rules that minimizes your exposure to fines and chargebacks. It will be easy to research and dispute chargebacks if any occur.

Want to Handle Compliance Internally?

The UDT takes data translation far beyond existing EDI/XML mapping tools

Powerful data transformation & mapping tool

Some companies prefer to create their own EDI maps, partners and maintain their own compliance. Data Masons can enable your company to build and maintain compliance “maps” using Data Masons EDI’s powerful data transformation and mapping tool – the Universal Data Translator. This allows you to manage your own compliance in-house.

Data Masons UDT transforms data to or from any EDI, ASCII, XML, or ODBC data source dynamically, without intermediate files. The result is high-performance data transformation, elimination of common file exchange errors, easy re-queuing of documents, and simplified error handling.

Flexibility That Matters

  • Files loaded and integrated from a variety of formats: ANSI X.12, EDIFACT, Tradacoms, cXML, XML, all ASCII, PIDX, OILDEX, ADP, RosettaNET, Odette, VDA and OpenInvoice
  • Dynamic data transformations and mapping from multiple heterogeneous sources
  • No programming is required to create powerful transformations
  • Application of business rules and outcomes during translation
  • Enables custom data standards definitions to leverage existing business documents
  • Supports definition of complex business rules based on your requirements
  • Powerful built-in error and event logging, allowing your company to create your own error codes and help messages
  • Sophisticated error resolution definition without human intervention
  • Alert messaging support including email and SMS messaging

Fast, Simple Translation of Document Maps

Data Masons UDT has no limit on the types of documents or data sources that can be read or written simultaneously. This eliminates the need to create complex intermediate files that hinder performance and require accounting system modifications to accommodate EDI and other e-commerce data elements. Transformation document maps are easily readable XML files. A graphical interface enables the user to create common translation document maps such as invoices in minutes.

Standards-based Customization

The UDT’s standards-based design makes it easy to utilize existing data definitions, simply load or create the necessary standard like an EDI or XML standard. Many common data standards are provided at no additional cost. Business rules, which can be customized by the user, provide powerful error handling, messaging and even resolution of data errors through internal tools or external programs.