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Data Masons EDI for Macola

A high-performance EDI solution for Macola

Data Masons EDI is a comprehensive EDI processing platform for Macola 10, ES and Progression.  It provides all of the features needed for efficient integration of business transactions with Customers, Suppliers, Banks, Public Warehouses, Carriers and Government Agencies. 

All compliance requirements and support issues are handled by Data Masons so that labeling, maps and ongoing EDI compliance changes are delivered to your company. This means you can focus on your business – not EDI.  Data Masons EDI is also the integration choice of companies that wish to integrate Macola with SPS Commerce – a leading EDI network.


Key Benefits

  • End-to-End Automation available via a Workflow Scheduling System that executes process flows on a schedule defined by your team
  • Rapid on-boarding of new partners
  • All Versions of Macola are Supported Automatically including Macola 10, Macola Progression Macola ES
  • Provides Tight integration with Exact WMS and WiSys
  • Fast, Simple Installation, Maintenance and Upgrades
  • Does not require Macola's EDI modules or third-party tools
  • Support and Delivery from Macola/EDI Experts
  • Mapping Tool is Available to Companies that wish to develop and maintain EDI maps



Other EDI Connections

Do you currently use a web portal solution from SPS Commerce, iTrade or GHX? Maximize the business benefits of these by integrating it with Macola seamlessly.

Advantages of using Data Masons EDI as integration for your current solution and Macola:

  • Enhance your current investments by connecting them to Macola and provide more complete data to your teams
  • Tight integration with no disruption in processes with your customers
  • Cost-effective way to leverage the benefits of multiple applications
  • Data Masons is RSX Certified – you can be sure you’re using a hand selected and proven partner of SPS Commerce
  •  iTrade & GHX maps are currently used in hundreds of Data Masons customers with Macola


List of Integrated Documents with Macola

Get a full list of key documents Data Masons EDI integrates with Macola ERP.

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