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EDI Integrated Documents


Below are our most-requested documents

Data Masons maintains an extensive library of over 12,000 trading partner documents that you can readily integrate into the ERP platforms we support, while accurately complying with their requirements. The following is a list of our most-requested documents. Not all supported documents are listed below. If you do not see the business document that you need, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your specific needs.


Advance Ship Notice   856
Application Advice 824
Bill and Ship Notice 857
Bill of Lading 211
Carrier Shipment Status Message 214
Credit/Debit Adjustment 812
Delivery Return 894
Direct Store Deliver 882
Financial Information 821
Inventory Inquiry 846
Invoice 810/880
Item Maintenance 888
Load Tender Response 990
Lock Box 823
Material Due-in Receipt 527
Motor Carrier Freight Invoice 210
Motor Carrier Load Tender 211
Order Status Inquiry 869
Order Status Report 870
Organizational Relationship 816
Planning Scheduler 830
Price Catalog 832
Price Authorization Acknowledgement/Status 845
Product Activity 852
Product Transfer 867
Product Transfer Adjustment 844
Production Sequence 866
Purchase Order 850/875
Purchase Order Acknowledgment 865
Purchase Order Change 865
Purchase Order Change Acknowledgement 865
Rail Carrier Freight Invoice 410
Rail Carrier Shipment Information 404
Receiving Advice 861
Remittance Advice 820
Request for Routing Instructions 753
Return Merchandise Authorization 180
Routing Instructions 754
Tax Information 826
Text Message 864
Warehouse Inventory Adjustment 947
Warehouse Shipping Advice 945
Warehouse Shipping Order 940
Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt 944
Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice 943

Application error and acknowledgment message APERAK
Delivery just in time message  DELJIT
Delivery schedule message  DELFOR
Dispatch advice message  DESADV
Documentary credit advice message  DOCADV
Documentary credit amendment information message  DOCAMI
Invoice message  INVOIC
Payroll deductions advice message  PAYDUC
Periodic customs declaration message  CUSPED
Permit expiration/clearance ready notice message  CODENO
Purchase order change request message  ORDCHG
Purchase order message  ORDERS
Purchase order response message  ORDRSP
Receiving advice message  RECADV
Reinsurance premium message  REPREM
Remittance advice message  REMADV


Account Statement   STATAC
Consignment Consolidation  CONSUM
Delivery Forecast / Delivery  DELINS
Delivery Schedule Exception Handling  EXHAND
Dispatch Advice  AVIEXP
Forwarding Instruction  TRINAD
Inventory Report  STOACT
Invoice  INVOIC
JIT Delivery  CALDEL
Order Change  ORDCHG
Order Response  REPORD
Price List Based  PRILST
Purchase Order  ORDERR
Ready for Dispatch Advice  FORDIS
Remittance Advice  REMADV
Sequenced Delivery  SYNCRO


Acknowledgment of Order  4926
Call off 4905
Call off – Delivery Instruction 4905/2
Call Off Just-in-sequence 4916
Change / Information Confirmation 4976
Change / Information Note 4975
Collection Order 4971
Credit Advice 4908
Damage Note 4977
Delivery Data 4921
Delivery Forecast 4970
Delivery Note 4913
Delivery Note 4929
Detailed Call Off 4915
Dispatch Note 4972
Engineering Data Message 4951
Enquiry  4923
Equipment Statement & Movement 4927
Forwarding Instruction 4920
Invoice 4906/4932
Loading Instructions 4980
Odette Specification for File Transfer 4914
Offer/Quotation 4924
Prices 4911
Purchase Order 4925
Ready for Dispatch Note 4979
Remittance Advice 4907
Repair Start / End Note 4978
Transport Label Barcode-enabled 4902
Vehicle Arrival 4973
Vehicle Arrival & Departure Notification 4919
Vehicle Departure 4974
Vehicle Identification & Transport Data 4918