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Category: Case Study
Vertical: Technology

For a company committed to building lasting customer relationships, its lack of EDI integration had them spending far more time managing order entry and invoicing processes than they were nurturing relationships. A family owned and operated company based in Atlanta, GA, good2grow lives, sleeps and dreams healthy kids' drinks, making them America's leading experts in the children's beverage category.

Business Problems:

  • Changing business model from utilizing an in-house warehousing environment to a 3PL
  • Lack of an integrated EDI solution challenged their ability to grow the business as needed 
  • Manual data entry requirements were absorbing resources and taking them away from higher priorities                    

Problems solved with Data Masons EDI:

  • Successfully transitioned from an in-house warehousing model to a 3PL
  • Automated integration of major customers, such as Walmart and Home Depot
  • Increased human capital efficiency, enabling staff to switch from order takers to customer relationship builders


  • Decreased the time required to onboard new partners and brokers.
  • Remained self-reliant on the company’s in house development team thanks to a comprehensive library of out of the box trading partner maps
  • Fully-maximized its transactional efficiency with its high volume customers
  • Achieved record-breaking 99% efficiency with customer order processing & operates nearly 100% green with a majority of its processes running through EDI


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