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EDI Invoicing



EDI Invoicing (810 and 880/INVOIC)

An advanced
 storage and translation system

EDI invoicing is a crucial aspect of the EDI business cycle. Effective EDI invoicing can mean the difference between efficient payment processing and costly delays.




Compliant Invoices


Data Checking




EDI compliant invoices

One-step conversion of accounting invoices into EDI-compliant invoices

Data Masons EDI is designed to extract invoice data from your accounting system and render partner-compliant EDI invoicing. Most accounting systems do not store the EDI data necessary to produce a complete EDI invoice. Data Masons EDI manages this issue so your company can send partner-compliant invoices.

Because Data Masons EDI captures all EDI-related references in the original purchase order and provides powerful cross-reference functionality, it can produce EDI-compliant invoices from accounting system invoices that do not store all of the EDI data.

In other words, the required EDI-related information does not have to exist in the accounting system itself.

Rigorous partner-specific data checking

Unlike most EDI solutions, Data Masons EDI warns users of compliance errors before transmission. Invoice data is checked against each partner's specific requirements; when critical information is missing, a warning is triggered.

For example, Wal-Mart may require a tracking number with the invoice while Sears may not. As a result, a missing tracking number will trigger a warning for Wal-Mart but not for Sears.

Also, unlike most EDI solutions, Data Masons EDI does not force users to provide information the partner does not require.

File format flexibility

Files can be loaded and integrated from a variety of formats, including:

  • ANSI X.12
  • EDIFACT, Tradacoms
  • cXML, XML
  • all ASCII
  • ADP
  • RosettaNET
  • Odette
  • VDA
  • OpenInvoice

Key Benefits

  • Standard Allowance Charge (SAC) handling with all supported accounting systems
  • Sales tax and value added tax (VAT) support
  • Supported data formats include XML, ASCII Flat File, EDIFACT and ANSI X.12
  • EDI invoices can be edited before being sent out
  • EDI invoices previously sent may be re-transmitted in needed