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A Complete EDI and XML Processing Platform

Data Masons EDI provides a complete EDI and XML processing platform that delivers broad and deep document integration to organizations that use supported ERP solutions in which we are experts. In addition to integration we provide ongoing partner compliance in a highly cost-effective manner.

Data Masons is certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX, GP and NAV as well as Macola ERP. Our solution-oriented approach takes the risk and expense out of EDI integration since it is a setup process without ERP customization.

Purchase Orders

With robust functionality and enterprise level performance, Data Masons' EDI’s Purchase Order system is a true EDI order management system and order integration application. EDI purchase orders can be integrated to your sales order system at the click of a button, placed on hold, or even flagged to not integrate.

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Data Masons' EDI is designed to extract invoice data from your accounting system and render partner-compliant EDI invoicing. Most accounting systems do not store the EDI data necessary to produce a complete EDI invoice. Data Masons' EDI manages this issue so your company can send partner-compliant invoices.

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Advanced Ship Notice - ASN

Data Masons' EDI features a user-friendly ASN software provides a "drag-and-drop" style of packing and shipping orders that is quickly mastered by warehouse workers. A graphical workflow interface enables users to see ASN processing steps in sequence.

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Planning Schedule Release

Data Masons' EDI provides one of the most powerful solutions available for managing and integrating the Planning Schedule (830/DELFOR) and Planning Schedule Release (862/DELJIT) document set.

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Supply Chain EDI - Supplier Facing

Finding technologies that maximize supply chain system profitability is becoming increasingly difficult. Data Masons' Supply Chain EDI solution can unlock one of the most important cost-saving options available for supply chain management.

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Remote Warehouse Integration

Does your company use or plan to use remote (third-party logistics) warehouses for the distribution of goods? If so, many warehouses utilize an electronic business document exchange system that saves time, increases efficiency and eliminates common errors. 

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Transportation Management System

Some trading partners such as JCPenney, Cabela’s, Kohl’s and AAFES use 753 Request for Routing and 754 Routing Instructions to communicate final routing information for purchase orders, purchase order overrides and to authorize shipments. 

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PO Acknowledgement System

Purchase order acknowledgements are a common and demanding EDI document for many trading partners. Most partners expect fast and accurate acceptance, rejection or amendment.

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Product Activity

Certain trading partners such as Wal-Mart, Lowe’s and Home Depot offer access to their store-level point-of-sale information and stock position data. This data is transmitted to suppliers in EDI format.

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Product Catalog

The Price/Sales Catalog document (832) is required by some partners to receive and store product-related specifications and prices. Data Masons' EDI provides a standard file format that can be populated via an Excel spreadsheet or using standard data export tools.

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