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Data Masons EDI for Microsoft Dynamics GP


Certified EDI solution for Dynamics GP without customization

A Different Approach to EDI Integrated Solutions

Certified for Dynamics GP, Data Masons EDI is dramatically different from other EDI solutions. The solution can be set up in hours – not days or weeks. New trading partner packages are delivered as "kits" that can enable your company to begin processing transactions within minutes.

With Data Masons EDI, no customizations are made to Dynamics GP. This lowers ownership costs, reduces complexity, eliminates upgrade issues, and expands flexibility when purchasing other Dynamics GP add-ons.

As an all-in-one EDI solution, Data Masons EDI is easy to learn, implement and use every day. All compliance requirements are handled by Data Masons so that maps and compliance labels are always current. Data Masons can help you lower the cost of doing business with customers and suppliers and enable you to focus on your business – not EDI compliance.

Finally, Data Masons EDI is more affordable and lower risk because the setup process is very simple.




Embedded vs Non-embedded



Full Dynamics GP Integration

Data Masons EDI follows all of the business logic in Dynamics GP, including extended pricing and other advanced features

Tight Dynamics GP integration (v9, v10, GP 2010, GP 2013, GP 2015, GP 2016, and GP 2018) is ensured using Microsoft eConnect – Microsoft’s recommended method for integration.

Support for all integrated documents is accomplished without source code modifications and there is never duplicate entry of any information. The result is simplified operations, less work, and fewer errors.

All of the modules and features are available for use with Dynamics GP, including Data Masons state-of-the-art EDI supply chain solution. One low maintenance fee covers all EDI software updates, including new Dynamics GP releases.

Aren't "embedded" EDI solutions better than other solutions?

The answer is a resounding NO.

Embedded solutions bring several liabilities for the Dynamics GP user that should be carefully considered. Embedded solutions are customizations of Dynamics GP to accommodate and integrate EDI. The fact is, there is no reason to customize Dynamics GP for EDI. Data Masons EDI integrates every major EDI document without customization and without the associated compatibility and upgrade worries.

In addition, Dynamics GP versions not supported by Microsoft are still supported by the most current release of Data Masons EDI. All integrations to future versions of Dynamics GP are provided at no additional charge.


Other EDI Connections

Do you currently use a web portal solution from SPS Commerce, iTrade or GHX? Maximize the business benefits of these by integrating it with Dynamics GP seamlessly.

Advantages of using Data Masons EDI as integration for your current solution and Dynamics GP:

  • Enhance your current investments by connecting them to Dynamics GP and provide more complete data to your teams
  • Tight integration with no disruption in processes with your customers
  • Cost-effective way to leverage the benefits of multiple applications
  • Data Masons is RSX Certified – you can be sure you’re using a hand selected and proven partner of SPS Commerce
  •  iTrade & GHX maps are currently used in hundreds of Data Masons customers with Dynamics GP 





If you're about to bring EDI into your processes, this brief will help you avoid the potential pitfalls often encountered. If you’ve attempted to implement EDI already, you’ll likely recognize at least some of the problems we describe, and gain from our explanations on how to avoid them. This paper will present a clear, simple path to successful implementation of a highly productive and profitable EDI initiative in your company.