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EDI Integration For Microsoft Dynamics GP

MS Dynamics GP EDI

Certified EDI Solution for Dynamics GP Without Customization

A Different Approach to EDI Integrated Solutions

Certified for Dynamics GP, Data Masons EDI is dramatically different from other EDI solutions. The solution can be set up in hours, not days or weeks and is easy to learn, implement and use every day. New trading partner packages are delivered as "kits" that can enable your company to begin processing transactions quickly and no customizations are made to Dynamics GP. This lowers ownership costs, reduces complexity, eliminates upgrade issues, and expands flexibility when purchasing other Dynamics GP add-ons.

Tight Dynamics GP integration is ensured using Microsoft eConnect – Microsoft’s recommended method for integration. Support for all integrated documents is accomplished without source code modifications and there is never duplicate entry of any information. The result is simplified operations, less work, and fewer errors.

Configure Alerts That Prevent Errors

The Alerts Manager monitors your environment and “watches” for situations or events that require intervention by your team or, optionally, the Data Masons Managed Services team. Examples of alerts the Alerts Manager can send include: 

  • Emailing a customer service representative if a ship notice has not been confirmed within 10 minutes after the shipment has left the building.  
  • Sending a text message to the IT Manager if a confirmation is not received within 20 minutes. Escalations can increase accordingly.

Creative workflows can be configured using the power of the Alerts Manager which can fix issues in addition to reporting on them. For example, when a purchase order is received between 8pm and 5am and has an invalid freight carrier code, the Alerts Manager can perform the substitution of a default carrier, create the sales order with an “On Hold” status and send an alert to the account manager and/or the customer.  

The Alerts Manager goes beyond Dashboards for managing fast moving flows of critical information. Well-configured alerts and automated workflows in Data Masons EDI can raise the effectiveness of your organization and become a critical pillar in your organization’s digital transformation journey.

Technology Standards & Protocols

Data Masons fully supports the following data formats, communication protocols and security standards. In addition, you will be able to integrate with virtually any communications application via local file folder integration. If you do not see your protocol or data format below, please contact Data Masons Sales and we will advise you as to whether it can be supported.


Drummond-Certified AS2, AS3, and ebXML

Data formats

RosettaNet RNIF2.0
ASCII delimited
ASCII fixed length
Microsoft SQL
Microsoft ODBC
Pervasive SQL
Microsoft Dynamics AX AIF
Microsoft Dynamics GP eConnect
Microsoft Dynamics NAV XML

Data Translation Beyond Existing EDI/XML Mapping Tools

Data Masons UDT transforms data to or from any EDI, ASCII, XML, or ODBC data source dynamically, without intermediate files. The result is high-performance data transformation, elimination of common file exchange errors, easy re-queuing of documents, and simplified error handling.

Fast, simple translation of document maps

There is no limit on the types of documents or data sources that can be read or written simultaneously. This eliminates the need to create complex intermediate files that hinder performance and require accounting system modifications to accommodate EDI and other e-commerce data elements. Transformation document “maps” are easily readable XML files. A graphical interface enables the user to create common translation document maps such as invoices in minutes.

Standards-based customization

The UDT’s standards-based design makes it easy to utilize existing data definitions – simply load or create the necessary standard like an EDI or XML standard. Business rules, which can be customized by the user, provide powerful error handling, messaging and even resolution of data errors through internal tools or external programs.

Key benefits

  • Dynamic data transformations and mapping from multiple heterogeneous sources
  • No programming is required to create powerful transformations, due to an extensible, data-driven design
  • Application of business rules and outcomes during translation
  • Enables custom data standards definitions to leverage existing business documents
  • Supports definition of complex business rules based on your company’s requirements and your business partners’ requirements
  • Powerful built-in error and event logging, allowing your company to create your own error codes and help messages
  • Sophisticated error resolution definition without human intervention
  • Alert messaging support including email and SMS messaging


File format flexibility

Files can be loaded and integrated from a variety of formats, including ANSI X.12, EDIFACT, Tradacoms, cXML, XML, all ASCII, PIDX, OILDEX, ADP, RosettaNET, Odette, VDA and OpenInvoice.

Value Added Network (VAN) Service

Data Masons' secure interconnects work with virtually every EDI VAN, including Sterling, IBM, GXS, Pubnet, ANX, Inovis, CommerceHub and iTrade. A low-cost AS2 connection is available for customers that do not need or desire to implement an in-house AS2 solution.

Significant savings over alternative VAN services

The Data Masons VAN service saves a typical customer 30-60% compared to other VAN services, with only a low monthly mailbox rental and a single kilo-character transaction fee (rate), which remains constant regardless of the networks your business partners use. There are no hidden charges, no document fees, no interconnect fees, no peak rate fees, etc. Instead, you get a simple, straightforward invoice for kilo-character usage.

Key Benefits

  • One point of contact for all your EDI requirements
  • Cost-effective and straightforward billing
  • Reliable, industry-leading 99.89% uptime
  • Connects to all of your trading partners that utilize VANs
  • Low-cost way to handle AS2, AS1, etc. without additional software

End-to-End Automation of Key EDI Processes

The Scheduler takes you to a whole new level of value and automation. In addition to the business benefits automation introduces, EDI Workflow Scheduler utilizes the latest 3-tier technology platform designed to deliver improved system performance for all users.

The ability to schedule key EDI processes such as network send/receive, accounting integration, data extraction from accounting and sending of documents to partners, enabling linked tasks – e.g. receive from network then send to accounting, and email error alerts are all features within the complete EDI processing platform.

Other Benefits

  • A 3-tier platform design that enables processes to execute without client-side processing or accessing the Data Masons EDI Client
  • Managing the execution of processes, including simultaneous processes that could conflict
  • Define virtually any type of frequency for scheduled tasks
  • Graphics-based scheduling tool allows for the fast setup of routines, as well as the ability to copy and modify predefined scheduled tasks as needed
  • Runs as a service on any workstation or server and does not require Data Masons' EDI to be open and running
  • Self-monitoring capability alerts the user accordingly if the automated processes are disrupted or stop running

Simplifying EDI Transactions

Exchange documents in a standardized format, allowing for automation and streamlining of purchase orders, invoices, shipments, acknowledgements and more.

icon-6 Remote Warehouse Documents

Integrated EDI 94x document series saves time and reduces errors. 

  • Supply Chain Distribution
  • Large Retailers
  • Flexibility

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icon-8 Product Catalogue

The Price/Sales Catalog document (832) is one set of data used for all your business partners, so there is no need to replicate and load the data into different websites or other solutions. Files can be loaded and integrated from a variety of formats:

  • ANSI X.12
  • Tradacoms
  • cXML, XML
  • all ASCII
  • PIDX
  • ADP
  • RosettaNET
  • Odette
  • VDA
  • OpenInvoice

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Invoice POs Invoicing & Purchase Orders

EDI invoicing and purchase orders (810/880, 850/875) are a crucial aspect of the EDI business cycle. Effective EDI invoicing resolves all item, address, terms, and transport cross references and executes business rules which results in a perfectly formed data stream to the ERP system to create a sales order or other necessary transactions.

  • Compliant Invoices & Purchase Orders
  • Data Checking & Reduced Manual Data Entry
  • Flexibility & Speed of Process

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icon-2 ASN

Data Masons' provides a simplified ASN creation along with a labeling system that produces GS1 Compliant (UCC-128) labels as well as a variety of label formats mandated in the automotive supply chain. A graphical workflow interface enables users to see ASN processing steps in sequence.

  • X12
  • VDA
  • cXML
  • Custom Formats

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icon-3 Planning Schedule

Data Masons EDI provides one of the most powerful solutions available for managing and integrating the Planning Schedule (830/DELFOR) and Planning Schedule Release (862/DELJIT) document set.

  • Create sales orders
  • Create sales forecasts to integrate into Master Planning/Master Scheduling
  • Create a comprehensive XML interface for customer planning systems and spreadsheets
  • Ignore the records

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PO Ack PO Acknowledgements

Data Masons EDI enables your company to automatically leverage valuable data in your inventory planning systems to respond to this crucial EDI document. Automatic 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgements and 865 Purchase Order Change Acknowledgments can be generated based on predefined settings configured by each business partner and amended prior to transmission.

  • Configured Requirements
  • Minimize time & labor
  • ERP Integration
  • Maximize flexibility and accuracy

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icon-4 Product Activity Module

The 852 Product Activity document contains powerful sales data for evaluating how well specific items are selling. Data Masons EDI gives you an abundance of choices on what you can do with this data. Options include:

  • Document integration for sales orders, invoicing & replenishment
  • Leveraging standard report formats
  • Sending data to your Data Warehouse/Data Mart for additional analysis
  • Allowing your Business Intelligence solution to access data directly

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icon-5 Vendor, Supply Chain EDI

Data Masons' Supply Chain EDI solution can unlock one of the most important cost-saving options available for supply chain management. Electronically integrate common supplier and customer business transactions with your ERP solution and send purchase orders and receive invoice documents and ASNs.
Files can be loaded and integrated from a variety of formats:

  • ANSI X.12
  • ADP
  • Tradacoms
  • RosettaNET
  • cXML, XML
  • Odette
  • all ASCII
  • VDA
  • PIDX
  • OpenInvoice

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icon-7 Request for Routing

Request for Routing Instructions (753) and Routing Instructions (754) is used to request final routing instructions, provide general information about merchandise that is ready to be shipped and to notify the Trading Partner that a shipment will occur soon. This document is time sensitive and normally generated within 48 to 72 before the requested ship date.

  • Send a routing request and receives an authorization for the shipment
  • Update the outbound shipments and ASNs automatically, based on the received routing instructions
  • Satisfy your trading partners’ compliance requirements
  • Provide a Routing Instructions report that enables the user to easily determine what orders have been authorized to ship by the retailer

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icon-1 Requested documents

Data Masons maintains an extensive library of trading partner documents that you can readily integrate into the ERP platforms we support, while accurately complying with their requirements.

  • ANSI X12
  • VDA

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Trading Partner Network

See All Trading Partner Integrations

Industry Expertise & Support

In-depth industry knowledge on the implementation, maintenance, and lifecycle development of your ERP ensures that transactions are handled correctly every time.

Agriculture & Growers

Data Masons EDI significantly speeds up order processing and improves accuracy and traceability, making it an excellent choice for medium to high-volume fresh produce growers selling to grocery retailers and wholesalers.

CHEP (returnable) pallet reporting, COOL Reporting, Substitutions, Lot Tracking and Traceability Reporting, Direct Store Delivery (DSD), Consignment inventory - Scan Based Trading, Advanced iTrade/EDICT Solution, Full support for logistics providers, Native support for Brokers included at no cost, Vendor Managed Inventory initiatives and Purchase Order Acknowledgements, Purchase Orders, Inbound Payments and Outbound Invoices, Advanced Ship Notice packing, UCC128 compliance labeling, VICS Bill of Lading, Price/Catalog, Inventory Status and Advanced Point-Of-Sale Reporting, and more.


Data Masons EDI for automotive suppliers is a comprehensive solution that helps users meet EDI compliance requirements and become more competitive by achieving a lean manufacturing objective through increased efficiency and lower ownership costs. 

Data Masons expert staff includes automotive industry veterans who provide your company with the solutions and guidance to make your EDI efforts successful. Additionally, Data Masons manages all of your ongoing EDI compliance affordably so you can focus on growing your business, not EDI hassles.

  • Flexible integration options into our supported ERP products
  • End-to-end solution including network service that reaches partners on ANX, Transnet and other popular value-added networks
  • Supports X12, EDIFACT, ODETTE and VDA document sets to and from your trading partners.



Data Masons specializes in helping manufacturing value chains become more efficient through business document integration between virtually any supplier or customer. Get everything needed to host an entire trading partner network, including customer and supplier-facing transaction processing, integration, and a powerful business network solution that enables a secure, zero-cost transaction processing platform for your partners and inter-company supply chains.

  • Textile Mill Products
  • Apparel & Other Finished Products Made from Fabrics
  • Lumbar & Wood Products
  • Furniture & Fixtures
  • Chemicals & Allied Products
  • Industrial & Commercial Machinery & Computer Equipment
  • Electronic, Equipment & Components
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Surgical, Medical & Dental Instruments & Supplies

Complete ASN packing solution with UCC128 compliance labeling, VICS Bill of Lading, Price/Catalog Inventory Status (846), Planning Schedule and Planning Schedule Release document set, Management and integration of Purchase Orders, Cross Dock, Drop Ship, and SDQ Order Handling, Order Status Reporting, Inbound Payments (820), Outbound Invoices and more.

Retail Trade

The retail industry has unique challenges when it comes to ERP and EDI activities that require intelligent EDI solution design, flexibility and performance. Data Masons streamlines advanced challenges such as resolution of Bill of Material (BOM) data in the ERP to implode/explode assortment relationships to internal SKUs and vice-a-versa. Best of all, you’ll receive implementation support by industry experts that understand ERP solutions and the logistical challenges of sourcing, transporting, warehousing and distribution of goods in complex omni-channel environments.

  • Food & Beverage Stores
  • Apparel & Clothing Accessories Stores
  • General Merchandise Stores
  • Miscellaneous Store Retailers
  • Nonstore Retailers
Wholesale Trade

Motor Vehicles, Parts & Supplies: Data Masons EDI for Automotive Suppliers is a comprehensive solution that helps users meet EDI compliance requirements and become more competitive by achieving a lean manufacturing objective through increased efficiency and lower ownership costs. Data Masons EDI's unique automotive solution is powerful, cost-effective and easy to set up and use.

Merchant Wholesalers, Nondurable and Durable Goods: Data Masons EDI significantly speeds up order processing and improves accuracy and traceability, making it an excellent choice for medium to high-volume wholesalers.

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