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Company Values

Our Company Values

We believe the key to success is a happy and healthy workplace in a supportive environment. Our team members share their experiences in this video.


Working together and supporting our customers, partners and team members through open and honest communication.


Demonstrating excellence at work means providing the best of yourself and the best work you can do, every day.


Our team members understand they are accountable for both their actions as well as their work quality.


At Data Masons we work in an environment where all of our team members, our customers and our partners, no matter your experience or position, are treated with respect.


To be successful we must all work as a team, counting on each other for assistance, guidance and support. 


We respect the privacy of our customers and aligning to GDPR.


Communication is an important part of every successful team. We strive to be open, honest, direct and respectful with all communications, whether internal or external.


Having an open culture allows team members access to anyone in the company to ask questions and share new discoveries.


At the core of our values is integrity, and we believe successful team members demonstrate integrity through their actions.


Our team members are passionate about helping our customers and partners, and producing work which inspires them.    


We believe in embracing and acknowledging each other's successes and demonstrate our appreciation for hard work, dedication and loyalty.