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Two Thumbs Up to Simplicity – One from Microsoft, One from Us

November 25, 2015 @ 5:11 AM

edi-made-simple-1It’s no secret that we like simple. So it’s no wonder that we’re excited about last week’s announcement around the next release of Microsoft Dynamics AX. From the transformation of a more simplified brand (dropping versions and years from the name) to the simple and more transparent subscription pricing model, we’re looking forward to continuing our support of Microsoft’s development and delivery strategies with our own EDI Made Simple® approach.

Mike Ehrenberg, Technical Fellow, Microsoft Dynamics ERP shared with ERPSoftwareblog.com the 5 key pillars that explain why Microsoft feels that this next release is truly transformational. Ehrenberg noted: #1) user experience, #2) business intelligence, #3) user productivity and business productivity, #4) the Cloud and #5) the capabilities provided to let Microsoft customers manage the full application lifecycle of their ERP project.

As customers move to the latest version not only will these 5 pillars further empower them to transform their business, but they’ll also discover other technology opportunities to help them grow their business smarter and more simply. When evaluating the advantages of the new ERP, customers will inevitably conclude that ISV solutions developed using the same guiding principles as Microsoft will better complement their technology investments and support their business goals.

We are actively working with Microsoft Dynamics AX customers who are taking part in the beta process to insure the interoperability of our Vantage Point EDI solution. With each Microsoft Dynamics AX release, we’re proud to offer an innovative technology model that allows for Day One integration. From day one of the release, customers can count on business as usual when it comes to EDI, regardless of the customer environment, as Vantage Point EDI is Azure, web services and hosting-ready with out of the box integration of over 70 documents.

Like you, we can’t wait to see the new subscription pricing model to be announced in December and the anticipated general availability of the new Microsoft Dynamics AX in the first quarter of calendar year 2016.  We’re looking forward to simplifying, together! 

To read Mike Ehrenberg’s full interview with ERPSoftwareblog.com, click here. To learn how Data Masons keeps EDI simple for Microsoft Dynamics AX, download our Executive Brief, EDI Made Simple®: Vantage Point by Data Masons.

Download the "EDI Made Simple -  Vantage Point by Data Masons" Brief

Dennis Bruce
Written by Dennis Bruce

Dennis Bruce joined Data Masons Software in February 2008 where he manages all sales and marketing functions. His experience with the Microsoft Dynamics product line and partner channel go back to 1999 when he joined the North American Subsidiary of Damgaard, the original developers of Microsoft Dynamics AX, in a sales and channel management role. In 2001, Damgaard merged with Navision and Dennis became a Regional Sales Manager responsible for all revenue in Navision’s East Region. Dennis continued on to Microsoft with their acquisition of Navision in July 2002. His roles at Microsoft for the next 4 years revolved around Microsoft Dynamics ERP sales and Partner Management & Development.