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From Dennis Bruce of Data Masons:

In-Zone Brands®, a fast growing maker of popular children's beverages and their sister company bubba brands®, thermal hydration experts, needed a proven integrated EDI solution to seamlessly manage its data transactions between its 100+ trading partners. With this vast retail network and running Exact Macola ES, the company wanted all of its outsourced logistics managed through EDI, including the 940, 945, 943, 944 and 947 document set.

In-Zone selected Data Masons’ Vantage Point (Exact EDI) solution to fully-automate its EDI transactions given the company’s experienced staff, its support of the industry’s largest document library and its ability to eliminate unnecessary and unpredictable transaction and document fees. Once implemented, In-Zone was quickly able to push 95% of its orders through the Vantage Point solution, and gained the ability to interact with factories and freight forward in China for purchasing and delivery via 850s.

As an alternative to Data Masons handling all of their ongoing mapping and compliance requirements, In-Zone chose to manage their own EDI maps and partners in-house. With the Exact EDI Universal Data Translator (UDT), Data Masons could offer In-Zone the flexibility to easily manage compliance maps in-house.

Since the initial implementation and automation of the 940 document set, In-Zone has expanded its use of the Vantage Point solutions to now fully automate its TMS system. Prior to Vantage Point, In-Zone’s 3PL warehouse was handling its transportation, but the decision to bring this process in-house gave In-Zone the opportunity to further leverage Exact EDI handle all of the transactions between systems.

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From Dennis Bruce of Data Masons: Specialty pharmaceutical company and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 customer, Acella Pharmaceuticals, traditionally relied on a third-party logistics (3PL) provider to support certain supply chain functions, including EDI. However, given the growth of the company, they decided the best thing for their long-term health was to pull all of their outsourced functions back in-house where they could more effectively manage costs and increase their visibility into everyday operations.

To successfully accomplish their goals, Acella understood from the beginning the critical role that their ERP and EDI technology would play in insuring that business continued uninterrupted. From a Dynamics NAV EDI perspective, Acella required an EDI solution provider that would not only handle 3PL EDI with their outside warehouse, but also manage all of the ins and outs of customer-based EDI. Bringing supply chain functions back in house, Acella also wanted to maintain a small IT footprint which meant limiting unnecessary customizations to the Dynamics NAV platform.

Working with ArcherPoint, their Microsoft Dynamics NAV reselling partner, Acella quickly found that Data Masons’ Vantage Point EDI solution was the best remedy to support their supply chain strategy. With Vantage Point EDI, Acella has the ability to work with large retail outlets, such as Walgreens and CVS, as well as major distributors within the healthcare industry, such as Cardinal Health and McKesson. Vantage Point EDI can also handle all of the complicated 3PL/warehouse documents with Acella’s warehouse provider. While providing all of these functions, Vantage Point EDI requires no customizations to the Dynamics NAV platform, allowing Acella to support their EDI processing in-house and maintain the desired footprint.

Acella also chose Data Masons to handle all of their compliance management. By outsourcing compliance, Acella can focus on their core business and let Data Masons manage all ongoing mapping and compliance changes. Data Masons’ EDI Made Simple® approach means map changes and new trading partner kits can be executed immediately without any complicated ERP code changes so that Acella can transact with business partners quickly and accurately.

With the ability to leverage Microsoft Dynamics NAV to automate these key EDI processes, Acella now has the confidence that they can grow their business and keep the associated supply chain requirements in good health, and in-house.

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From Dennis Bruce of Data Masons: For The Fechheimer Brothers Company, a manufacturer of quality uniforms, and Key Industries, the largest manufacturer of farming apparel in the Midwest, implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX meant the ability to effectively manage inventory and labor costs that are unique to the industry, as well as provide great service to their customers. A new ERP also meant a new opportunity to address their EDI needs.

Replacing their ERP platforms with Microsoft Dynamics AX, both companies had the perfect opportunity to analyze how they were handling EDI and evaluate other available solutions, ones that could help them overcome industry-specific challenges and gain a competitive advantage within the marketplace. Both companies realized that an integrated EDI solution would best utilize the power of Microsoft Dynamics AX to meet their EDI mandates. Their Microsoft Dynamics AX reselling partners both had previous experience working with Data Masons’ EDI and ERP experts and recommended the company’s Vantage Point EDI solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX as the number one option for Fechheimer Brothers and Key Industries.

Data Masons’ fully-integrated Vantage Point EDI solution pairs perfectly with Microsoft Dynamics AX to resolve common EDI challenges such as assortments, musical runs and master pack implosion and explosion logic. With ‘plug and play’ configuration and tight integration, Vantage Point EDI’s unique technology platform and business model combines with Microsoft Dynamics AX to take the manual intervention out of EDI processing and eliminate unnecessary transaction fees that can compromise ROI and a company’s ability to do more with less.

The Fechheimer Brothers Company and Key Industries will benefit from EDI processing that includes automatic, powerful alerts and user-definable workflows that enable Microsoft Dynamics AX users to tailor and optimize the EDI solution to meet their industry-specific requirements - without any ERP customizations.

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From Dennis Bruce of Data Masons: Serving parlors, C-stores, schools and colleges in 28 states at over 26,000 locations, this Microsoft Dynamics GP 9 customer depends on its large trading partner network to support its growing business. Supplying many of the top 5 leading food service providers, the customer found that to conduct business with these partners they would have to go through iTradeNetwork. Given iTrade’s key role in handling communications within the food services industry, the customer not only needed to implement an integrated EDI solution that met partner mandates, but also one that could get them up and running with iTrade starting day one.

Working with their Microsoft Dynamics reselling partner, the customer launched its search to find an EDI solution provider with a solution that would accommodate their EDI requirements, and do so with little to no customizations to the Dynamics GP 9 platform. Until now, the customer was not required to run EDI and so it was important that the company’s solution-of-choice be one that was cost-effective and quick to implement. And with no Microsoft Dynamics GP upgrade on the horizon, they wanted to work with an ISV provider that would continue to support their ERP version, even when Microsoft no longer supports it.

Given the VARs previous experience working with Data Masons and the Vantage Point EDI solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP, they recommended the customer evaluate Data Masons’ EDI Made Simple® approach. The customer quickly narrowed the pool of solutions down to Data Masons after learning about the company’s unique EDI technology and ability to be up and running immediately with iTrade’s maps.

Data Masons was able to serve up a double-scoop to the customer: an EDI solution that did not require any customizations to the ERP and one that mapped quickly to iTradeNetwork. Throw a few sprinkles on top – no challenges during install, ability to easily implement with new trading partners as required and confidence to scale to meet business needs - and the customer found a perfect flavor combination of integrated EDI and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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For a leading Microsoft Dynamics NAV-based national distributor selling internationally-branded products for resale in the consumer electronics, digital photography, print and presentation, video editing, outdoor, security and photo ID market categories only the Vantage Point EDI solution could help the company improve efficiency and control costs through tight business document integration and affordable compliance services.

While always striving to improve the competitive advantage of its customers and suppliers, the NAV-based company found they could deliver the enhanced functionality, flexibility and nimbleness demanded in today's competitive marketplace by using Data Masons’ EDI for Dynamics NAV solution. One of the reasons the company chose Data Masons as their Dynamics NAV EDI provider is that Data Masons explored the industry-specific requirements of the business, provided alternatives and then tailored a solution that would not require any invasive customizations to the NAV system – something other EDI technology options could not deliver.

Data Masons’ technology and services model stood out from other available options, enabling the company to streamline EDI processes as they upgrade business-critical systems. Vantage Point EDI delivers an all-in-one approach to EDI for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

By using the latest technology and taking advantage of specific functionality that Microsoft has built into the Dynamics NAV platform, Data Masons can deliver a tightly-integrated EDI solution without the need for burdensome NAV ERP customizations. Typical EDI customizations could limit a company's ability to upgrade, jeopardize their support options and reduce their capacity to respond to trading partner mandates.

Coupled with compliance management services, Data Masons can turn EDI into a competitive advantage as it did for this client. Read how other Dynamics customers are benefiting from a customization-free EDI solution, such as NAV-based organization FitFlop ™.

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This week Consumer Goods Technology published a piece on Peet’s Coffee & Tea's challenge to maintain both excellent quality and fast growth with its business management technology prior to implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX. Setting off on the process to select a new ERP platform, Peet’s established its goals: simplify IT administration, give business decision-makers reliable, current information and streamline reporting and compliance. With these goals in–hand and help from Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Junction Solutions, Peet’s chose Microsoft Dynamics AX to manage their needs within the food and beverage industry.

Dynamics AX EDI, Profiles in EDI Integration, Dynamics ERP Integration, Food and Beverage

Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Inc. (PEET) is the premier specialty coffee and tea company in the U.S., and Microsoft Dynamics AX 4 client, that was recently recognized by Microsoft with a 2011 Microsoft Dynamics Customer Excellence Award for excellence in Evangelism.

With Peet’s selling through a vast network of retail outlets, EDI is a critical part of their business operations to ensure accuracy, timeliness and traceability when dealing with their trading partners, ranging from large retailers such as Target to smaller retail stores. Peet’s relied on their partner with food & beverage industry expertise to find an easy-to-implement replacement solution to meet their Dynamics AX EDI requirements, as after 18 months of trying to implement another EDI solution, they were at a standstill.

Specifically, Peet’s initial EDI solution could not meet the EDI specifications required by Target, putting the company in an undesirable position with one of its largest retailers. Another one of Peet’s significant challenges was that after the shipment left, the shipping manger had to manually enter each package thru a Web portal. And with one shipment potentially having hundreds of cartons, the shipping manger was under the gun to get the shipments logged into the portal. The biggest problem was time constraints; the shipping manger was given a certain amount of time to get the data entered or else the system would log off the user and the user would have to start the process over again.

To resolve these issue, Peet’s requested the help of their Microsoft reselling partner who immediately engaged Data Masons’ EDI, ERP and retail industry expertise to bring about swift resolution to Peet’s EDI integration challenges. Given the critical circumstances related to Target, Peet’s requested to undergo a pilot program to get Target quickly up to speed. Once onsite Data Masons had a working document with Target deployed and tested in a matter of 3 days – not the weeks, or even months, typical of other EDI solution providers. Peet’s was also able to utilize and print the VICS BOL in Vantage Point EDI, eliminating the challenging time constraints of the previously manual processes.

Data Masons’ Vantage Point EDI solution is an ideal fit for Peet’s, as well as for other companies that do business with major retailers, as it enables unlimited transaction processing without additional document and transaction fees. Built on three key Microsoft technology components - .NET, SQL and XML – Vantage Point EDI can traverse large record sets with lightning speed, making it an enterprise-class solution for companies like Peet’s that process a high volume of EDI transactions per month.

Peet’s saw immediate results with Data Masons, resolving their 18-month integration challenge with a previous EDI solution, and gained long-term confidence that they can quickly onboard new trading partners as their network continues to grow.

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Audubon Metals, a heavy-media separator and secondary specification aluminum alloy producer based in Kentucky, was running Microsoft Dynamics GP v8 with a planned upgrade to GP 2010. This GP 8 customer relied on their Kentucky-based partner to find an easy-to-implement replacement EDI solution provider with automotive expertise to meet their Dynamics GP EDI requirements. After facing a 6 month delay due to an EDI implementation failure with another Dynamics GP solution, the customer was at a critical state with their OEM automotive customers, including Nissan... Read Complete Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer Success

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Data Masons Software, LLC., a leading provider of solutions for Microsoft Dynamics® EDI and XML, is proud to announce that its customer Hydra-Power Systems, Inc., a distributor and manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic systems, will go live with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and Data Masons’ fully-integrated Vantage Point EDI solution. A participant in Microsoft’s Technology Adoption Program (TAP), Hydra-Power accepted the opportunity to gain early access to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and to help advance the business value of the solution.

Hydra-Power is continually looking for ways to introduce new technology efficiencies and enhancements that will assist the business in running more smoothly. “I get a lot of satisfaction out of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. With commitment from Microsoft to enhance the solution, it will always be on the forefront of technology—and we will be there with it,” said Robert Jablonski, Hydra-Power’s Operations Manager.

Hydra-Power requested TAP participation from their Microsoft Dynamics ISV solution providers, including Data Masons Software, who worked with the Application Integration Framework in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 to ensure interoperability for its Vantage Point EDI solution... Read Full Press Release

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