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I'm extremely excited to announce that I've joined the NAV Directions Board as the Marketing Chair. Planning is already well underway for the 2013 NAV Directions Partner Event, October 6th-9th and with the experience and enthusiasm that the new board brings, this year's event is on track to being one the best ones yet!


Jon Rivers of Data Masons Software Joins the NAV Directions Board of Directors

Data Masons Software, LLC., a leading provider of Integrated EDI and XML solutions for Microsoft Dynamics® customers, today announced that Jon Rivers, Partner Channel Manager at Data Masons, was recently appointed to the NAV Directions Board of Directors and will serve as the Marketing Chair. Data Masons Software is a Microsoft Dynamics ISV partner and an active participant in the Dynamics NAV partner community and the Dynamics NAV User Group (NAVUG).

“It is my privilege to join the NAV Directions Board and work with them on developing opportunities for the NAV partner community. Data Masons has a strong commitment to serving this community from both an educational and technology perspective, and so this position is a natural extension for me to continue that outreach,” stated Jon Rivers.

NAV Directions is the only partner-driven event for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner community. The annual event is designed to aid partners in building their professional network and in sharing best practices to help further their success.

"Microsoft generated tremendous momentum in the NAV community coming into 2013, and I'm excited to be leading the NAV Directions Board as we extend this momentum into our own community-building efforts. This year's Board members represent a breadth of companies within the NAV community.... Read Complete Press Release

Dynamics NAV 2013, NAV Directions, Dynamics NAV EDI, Dynamics ERP Integration

Being in Phoenix with over 600 attendees at NAV Directions 2012 is really a WOW experience. First, this is a volunteer-run event and second, I cannot believe the turnout and the growth over years past, attendees are from all over the US and beyond.

So attendance is great and yesterday's keynote speaker, Dennis Snow, knew exactly how to pull lots of laughts out of these attendees. Dennis was on deck for his passion for service excellence, which he honed over 20 years with the Walt Disney World Company. He is also the author of the book, Lessons from the Mouse: A Guide for Applying Disney World's Secrets of Success to Your Organization, Your Career, and Your Life. Check out Dennis Snow's website http://t.co/kmTD13a0 .

Dennis' presentation focused on the customer experience, all of which is directly related to how we as Microsoft NAV Partners can shape our customers' NAV experiences, especially when it comes to NAV 2013 upgrades and implementations.
Now back to all of the NAV 2013 learning sessions and networking with fellow NAV Partners in attendance. Be sure to follow #Directions2012 and #NAVDirections on Twitter to get some insight into whats happening in Phoenix.

Waldo's Blog on Microsoft Dynamics NAV also posted his first day experience and thoughts on hearing Dan Brown give his last presentation for the NAV community.

Dynamics NAV 2013, NAV Directions, Dynamics NAV EDI, Dynamics ERP Integration

[October 23, 2012] – Data Masons Software, LLC., a leading provider of Integrated EDI and Commerce solutions for Microsoft Dynamics®, is proud to announce its sponsorship of Directions 2012, October 27-30, 2012 in Phoenix, AZ. Directions is the only channel-driven event focused solely on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, providing a unique educational and networking opportunity for the NAV partner community.

"As we continue to extend our reach into the NAV user community, it’s important to support this event and keep the momentum going when it comes to educating NAV partners on industry-leading EDI solutions. A large part of our commitment to the community is helping partners understand the available technology options and how they can be leveraged to quickly enhance their clients’ daily business operations, while also providing the flexibility and scalability required to secure long-term success. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to continue our outreach and exchange expertise with...Read Complete Press Release

NAV Directions, Dynamics NAV EDI, Microsoft Dynamics Community, Dynamics ERP Integration

This year’s motto at NAV Directions 2011 in Orlando, Fl was connect|learn|execute.

What did this theme mean?

  • connect: partners, ISV’s & Microsoft networking with each other
  • learn: sessions, exhibitors & Microsoft
  • execute: using new knowledge and connections but understanding you may execute many times

Before I get into executing on what I learned from this year’s event, I have to say that I’m amazed year over year how well-organized this event was. When you take into accout that the event is put on 100% by volunteers that many of you work with on a daily basis, it’s even more amazing what the event accomplishes for the community

With that said, thank you to everyone on the Directions 2011 Board and all of the other volunteers who helped put together this great event.

Now to execute. NAV 7 was a buzz during the Keynote and throughout the event, but with a NDA in place, not all the information about product features and functions can be shared, even though I couldn’t stop writing things down in my notebook (hmmm, for someone who is heavily involved in Social Media seems like I need to get into the 21st century with note taking.) I’ill be putting all my notes on eBay and selling to the highest bidder…only kidding Microsoft. As it seems like I’m a little later coming out with my blog post, instead of repeating what many of you may have already read, I’m sharing other community bloggers’ posts that will tell you (of what can be told) about Microsoft Dynamics NAV 7.

Paul White – Excited in Orlando

Mark Brummel - Directions USA 2011 | Facing a 12 Month NDA Period

Eric Waldo - Directions US and its Announcements

Alex Chow – Recap of Directions 2011 for Dynamics NAV (Navision)

MSDynamicsWorld.com - With Limited Public Details, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 7 Capabilities and Questions Abound

PartnerSource (you will need a login to access) Microsoft Dynamics NAV Announcements at Directions US, October 12 2011

The next year is going to be an interesting one as we start to gear up for the release of NAV 7 and getting to hear more about the exciting new features that Microsoft has in store. I think the biggest feature that can be shared is that NAV 7 will be the first ERP from Microsoft offered in the cloud.

Lastly has anyone seen a copy of the video that was shown via the Keynote? That was so funny and I’m sure more people would enjoy a chuckle.

See you in 2012 but let’s not stop connecting, learning and executing.

NAV Directions, Dynamics NAV EDI, Microsoft Dynamics Community, Dynamics ERP Integration

In the recent blog post "Upping the Ante on Community for the Microsoft Dynamics Ecosystem with Social Media," I focused on the idea of evolving face-to-face experiences into more continuous interactions by taking advantage of social media channels. There's no better time than now to bring up the subject again as we're getting ready to hit the conference circuit.

I'm excited to share one example of a group that's adopted the idea of extending their once a year event into a continuous conversation. NAV Directions is the only channel-driven event focused 100% on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This partner event occurs once a year each fall, but really, with the amount of information out there to be learned and shared, couldn't this event be held more frequently? Yes, but that's not the reality. So what has the NAV Directions planning board done to keep the momentum of this event alive? You got it, they've upped the ante on social media!

If you visit the NAV Directions website, you'll see that they've added "Social Media" to their "Community" navigation. There you'll find links to the appropriate channels to help NAV partners join the conversations around Directions 2011 throughout the year, including:

LinkedIn Group: Directions North America (185+ members and growing!)
Follow: @NAVDirections
Retweet #Directions2011
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/NAVDirections/218032728223672

As a supporter of social media within our ecosystem, I'm happy to see groups like NAV Directions taking the next steps to engage its audience past the conference name badge. Like NAV Directions, many other planning boards are realizing the value behind creating a continuous community beyond the tradeshow expo halls and conference sessions. Keep up the great work NAV Directions!

Now go out there and see how you can be part of this continuous online community! Looking forward to seeing you around the fall events, and online! And start your NAV Directions experience now by following @NAVDirections and using #Directions2011 on Twitter.