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TPE imageHere's a Tip: If you’re already going to AXUG or GPUG Summit 2013 in Tampa, you can attend The Partner Connections Event for just $199!

The Partner Event has partnered up with Dynamic Partner Connections to bring you The Partner Connections Event (TPCE) from October 20-22nd. In addition to product focused technical training, attendees will benefit from role-specific tips, industry best practices, peer to peer engagement and gather Microsoft leader insight to improve profitability and competitiveness.

Data Masons is proud to attend this year’s Partner Connections Event. Jon Rivers will also be presenting "Converting Social “Noise” to Dynamics Sales: How to Capitalize on the Role of Social Media within the Buying Process." If you’re still skeptical of the ROI of social media, in this session Jon will take a look at the tremendous investment the Dynamics community made into social media this past year and discuss how you can create valuable noise with your social initiatives, shifting from collecting Facebook followers and LinkedIn Connections, to pushing out content that defines your role and expertise within the community.

Check out the growing list of sessions already confirmed and make plans to attend by registering!


See you in Tampa!

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[September 25, 2013] – Data Masons Software, LLC., a leading provider of Integrated EDI and XML solutions for Microsoft Dynamics® customers, is proud to announce its Bronze sponsorship of Directions 2013, October 6-9, 2013 in Nashville, TN. Directions is the only channel-driven event focused solely on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and its partner community, providing the forum to build new connections, learn about best practices and discover valuable tools for execution and success.

“We’re fortunate to have Data Masons’ support for Directions 2013 and are excited to have them participate at an increased level of sponsorship this year. By sponsoring at a bronze level, attending NAV partners will have more opportunities to engage with Data Masons’ EDI experts and learn more about the innovative EDI solutions the company offers the NAV community. We look forward to having Data Masons onboard to enhance the overall quality of the program and educational track,” stated Scott Brennan, President, Directions Board of Directors. Read Complete Press Release

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I’m at the airport now heading back to D.C. from a busy week in Fargo for GP Technical Airlift. With 349 attendees this year, you can imagine that the conference is pretty much still going on at the airport with everyone heading home.


For those that follow @jon_rivers, please note that Twitter shut me down due to all of my Tweeting activity in Fargo. That just goes to show that there was a lot to share in the Twitterverse. While tweeting away, I held off on the daily blog posts, but luckily for the Dynamics GP community, a few of our colleagues took the time to write some great posts around the event goings on.


Checkout Mariano Gomez’s blog as he talks about the Day 1 focus on the roadmap refresh and all the buzz surrounding GP Next, Microsoft's next generation of the award winning Microsoft Dynamics GP. Read about the day 1 buzz and then also, Mariano’s additional thoughts on day 1.


MSDynamicsWorld.com also provided a more in-depth look at the roadmap refresh. Read its blog article: Day One: Roadmap Refresh.


Jen Kuntz of Kuntz Consulting authored a couple posts around her time at GP Technical Airlift, including her insights on information presented during the breakout sessions she attended. Read the Day 1 and Day 2 Recaps on the Kuntz Consulting Blog.


Then we were all “wowed” today as promised. Lots of excitement and momentum generated on the last day of the conference – great move! A few highlights from the Twitterverse and I’m sure there will be some wrap up posts to come shortly:


Pam Misialek ‏@PamMisialek2h
Apps will be relevant and powerful to businesses and #msdyngp will lead the way #gpairlift13

Mike Marinaro ‏@mikemarinaro2h
New Win8 procurement app for #MSDynGP will make use of new requisition and workflow features #GPAirlift13

#gpairlift13 dynamics procurement app... Do you like pic.twitter.com/Ind3ObbA5R

Jen Kuntz ‏@kuntzconsulting4h
Q: what are the plans for Business Portal. A: It eventually will go away. Functionality being taken out, made as apps. #GPAirlift13 #MSDYNGP

Mike Marinaro ‏@mikemarinaro4h
Cool! Actively working on copy and paste from Excel to GL entry! Looking forward to that. #MSDynGP #GPAirlift13


And off I go to D.C.! Safe travels to all the attendees heading back home. It was great to see those of you I know and I enjoyed meeting many of you for the first time.

Dynamics GP EDI, Microsoft Dynamics Community, Dynamics ERP Integration


[September 9, 2013] – Data Masons Software, LLC., a leading provider of Integrated EDI and XML solutions for Microsoft Dynamics® customers, is proud to announce its sponsorship of Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift 2013 hosted by GP Partner Connections (GPPC), September 18-20, 2013 in Fargo, ND. GP Technical Airlift is designed to give Microsoft Dynamics VARs and ISVs exclusive access to what technology, apps and features are coming in the world of Microsoft Dynamics GP and to provide a forum for sharing deeper product knowledge and advanced technical skills.

“GP Partner Connections is excited to welcome back Data Masons as an Exhibitor Sponsor of Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift 2013. Data Masons is a leading resource in the community when it comes to EDI knowledge and best practices, and we look forward to them sharing their expertise with attendees. We appreciate their continued support of this event and their commitment to the GP partner community,” stated Kim Peterson, GPPC Director.

“Connecting with the GP Partner community is a critical component in helping GP users achieve the best possible outcome when it comes to EDI integration and compliance with Microsoft Dynamics GP. As the sole EDI sponsor of the event, our goal is to provide partners with... Read Complete Press Release

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Picture1Last week I was in Denver for the Microsoft Dynamics US Field & Partner FY14 Kick Off, which was jam-packed with information (tip: you can find some informative tidbits on Twitter using the event hashtag #USDYNFY14.) Impressive attendance at this event (approx. 800 attendees), including what I feel was one of the biggest concentrations of the Microsoft Dynamics team at one event. Combining that accessibility with the partners on-hand, the week was full of opportunities to connect face-to-face and get some truly valuable conversations underway.

Following on the heels of WPC 2013, the event continued the momentum and messaging delivered earlier in the summer. David Willis, Vice President for Microsoft's US Dynamics business, announced performance results for FY13, including:

- 40% growth for AX Licenses (69% new deals)
- New license growth is 92%
- 58% win rate against Oracle
- CRM saw 55% growth with measurable growth for online version

Some big name Microsoft Dynamics wins mentioned included: Raymond James, JP Morgan Chase, AFAC Delta, DOW HNTB, Ashley Furniture, Russell Investments, Bill & Melinda Gates, Jesus Christ of Latter Day Science, Department of Air Force, United States Secret Service, Department of Correction Michigan and the State of New York.

As we’ve seen in the past year, there was also a tremendous amount on emphasis put on how much investment Microsoft is making into growing the Dynamics business. For instance, Microsoft disclosed that they have invested another $15 million into Microsoft Dynamics advertisements, especially within the digital space.

For the upcoming year, the US FY14 priorities highlighted included:

- Drive industry solutions, win the enterprise, connect with BDM, lead with devices and services, grow the volume business
- Compete to win, sales excellence, power of one MS, scale through the channel, develop people & teams
- Think nationally but act regionally
- Partnership - Key to our success

Jeremy Thies, Sr. Director, US Dynamics Partners at Microsoft, energized the audience when he hit the stage. One of the topics he honed in on was the “Key Drivers of Customer Loyalty,” which he broke down as follows:

- 19% Company & Brand Impact
- 19% Product & Service Delivery
- 9% Value to Price Ratio
- 53% Sales Experience! WOW!

53%!?!? That’s right. Thies reminded us sales-minded folks the key things only we can do during the buying process:- Offer unique, valuable perspectives on the market

- Offer unique, valuable perspectives on the market
- Help buyer navigate alternatives
- Steer buyer away from potential land mines
- Educate buyer on new issues and outcome

Piggy-backing on the key role of sales, guest speaker Scott Collin joined the stage to discuss the "Challenger Sale" and share his expertise in working with sales executives and teams across a variety of industries. Collin dove deep into the profiles of different sales rep patterns, which being in a sales role, was very interesting. I listened to figure out whether I was the “Hard Worker,” “Challenger,” “Relationship Builder,” “Lone Wolf,” or “Problem Solver” as Collin described each profile. As it turns out, the “Challenger” comes out at 39% and tops all the others.

The “Challenger” profile is one who excels in complex sales and is successful in building constructive tension between the supplier and perspective buyer. How does the “Challenger” do this successfully? According to Collin the Challenger teaches for differentiation (offers a unique perspective and facilitates 2-way communication), tailors for resonance (knows customer value drives and can ID economic drivers) and takes control (can discuss money and put pressure on the customer).

Great presentation and I walked away wanting to hone in on my “Challenger” skills. Thanks to Collin and all the speakers, along with the Microsoft Dynamics team, who delivered another valuable event for the partner community to help us accelerate our momentum as we move into FY14. Looking forward to meeting up again at the AX Technical Conference, which has been moved from November 2013 to February 3-5, 2014.

Dynamics AX EDI, Microsoft Dynamics Community, Dynamics ERP Integration

Announced today on the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Community Blog by Kevin Machayya, the dates for the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical Conference are changing from November 12-14, 2013 to February 3-5, 2014. According to Microsoft, the shift in dates is to ensure that they can deliver the best event experience, the timeliest and most actionable information. The new date also coincides with the current release schedule of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3.

Please note this change on your calendars!

For more information on the event, visit the event website.

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Jay Manley quoteRecently when I spoke to Jay Manley, Microsoft Dynamics GP Senior Product Manager, he discussed his new “Reason of the Day” series on the official GP blog for those attending GP Technical Airlift 2013. This series follows the success of the more familiar “Feature of the Day.” While overall Jay states that there is more reason to attend this year's event over last, there are numerous other reasons to attend, like the latest:


Reason of the Day to attend GP Technical Airlift #12: Microsoft and eOne Solutions are pleased to announce a one day only Extender training class, exclusively for partners on September 17th, 2013, prior to the Tech Airlift event.

Checkout All of Jay Manley's Reasons to Attend GP Technical Airlift 2013 and Subscribe to the Official GP Blog for future postings.


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Dynamics AX EDI, Dynamics GP EDI, Dynamics NAV EDI, Microsoft Dynamics Community, Dynamics ERP Integration

Jason Gumpert, Editor at MSDynamicsworld, recently sat down with our own Jon Rivers to learn more about Jon's enthusiasm and expertise in the social media space and what drives him as one of the community leaders. Jon's found a balance between engaging the community on Dynamics-based information and activities, and in cultivating measurable business opportunities.

""The more noise we make about Dynamics, the more Dynamics that get sold, the more opportunities for all of us. That's the end game." Read more about Jon's thoughts on social media and how it can drive more noise.


Dynamics GP EDI, Microsoft Dynamics Community, Dynamics ERP Integration

Jay Manley quoteWhile last year was a launch year event, according to Jay Manley, Microsoft Dynamics GP Senior Product Manager, for anyone interested in the thinking of where Dynamics GP is going in the next ten years, you do NOT want to miss this year's GP Technical Airlift event.

Given the experience and feedback from last year's event, there will be some notable changes to this year's program. Jay shared a few details about the event, including the addition of more Microsoft team members. "The first big change will be around participation by more team members. Last year, we really limited the number of our team members that attended the various functions. This year, we’re asking more Development and Support people participate in the lunches and the Welcome Reception as I feel that this is a great opportunity for the community to meet the people that deliver and support Dynamics GP."

And as for the event finale, it seems that attendees have a big "Wow" factor to look forward to. Unlike in previous years when the event ended with sessions and then everyone jumped a plane home, Jay stated that, "This year, you’ll be disappointed in what you missed if you do that." Jay explained that the conference will end with an “event" -- basically uncovering “the next big thing” the development team has been working on post Web Client.

GPPC is generating some buzz around this "event" (Friday’s General Session). And what's the "WOW" factor? According to Jay, the "WOW" will come from announcing "All of the “big things” development has been thinking about and focused on after overcoming the web client hurdle. We are going to use this Tech Airlift this year, and in future years, to be our key delivery of our technical direction and future looking. We won’t be so open about sharing it early as we have in the past, as it hasn’t always been the best decision to do so, and we feel that in this environment, we can give you “the whole story” in a better environment, rather than by short blogs or second hand, as it sometimes gets around."

(That said, Jay couldn't share any sneak peeks into what’s going to be revealed! )

While prepping for GP tech Air, Jay is also launching a “Reason of the Day" on the official GP blog for those attending the event, following in the success of the more familiar "Feature of the Day." He noted that,"The Feature of the Day series has been a staple of many of Microsoft's releases, and it’s a great way to not only say “we have a new feature!”, but also a way to show the community how they can put it into practice as soon as the product ships."

Jay elaborated, explaining that, "Many people forget that, while web client was a huge undertaking, we also delivered a huge number of new features with Dynamics GP 2013. The great thing about posting those is we shipped not only a demo script with many of them, but also a short PowerPoint showing the features in action. We heard positive remarks not only from customers – as many of them found the new features that they had been waiting for – but also from partners, because we delivered those demo scripts so that they could understand the feature more rapidly."

From talking with Jay, his message his loud and clear: If you thought last year was the main event, think again, as this year and those to come will become THE forum for delivering critical information on the future of GP. If GP is in your future, REGISTER FOR GP TECHNICAL AIRLIFT TODAY!

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Data Masons is heading to Denver for the Microsoft Dynamics US Field & Partner FY14 Kick Off, August 27-30! We're looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and meeting new ones in the partner community and of course, talking EDI for Dynamics AX!

See you in Denver - Jon

Press Release

Data Masons Software, LLC., a leading provider of Integrated EDI and XML solutions for Microsoft Dynamics® customers, is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Microsoft Dynamics US Field & Partner FY14 Kick Off, August 27-30, 2013 in Denver, CO. The US Field & Partner FY14 Kick Off event is an opportunity within the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Channel to connect and collaborate with key players within the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Channel. Read Complete Press Release

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Yesterday at WPC 2013 was a great day, start to finish. After two previous days of insightful sessions and valuable networking time, yesterday's keynote presented by Jon Roskill focused on how cloud economics and partner profitability simply aren’t theoretical anymore. According to the IDC Study, cloud-oriented partners drive incredible rates of growth. Take a look at Julie Bennani’s blog as she writes about what’s next for the MPN with cloud integration.

Day 3 also included:

  • Keynote speaker Laura Ipsen announced the global initiative CityNext. Integrating partner solutions, the Microsoft platform and data-driven decisions, CityNext seeks to work with city leaders to create thriving urban spaces for governments, businesses and citizens. Read Channel Chief, Jon Roskill's latest blog post on this topic.


  • Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner, who outlined Microsoft’s roadmap for FY14. Microsoft’s 4 point game plan for winning in FY14:
  1. Win in mobile – tablets & phones!
  2. Accelerate our customers’ move to our Cloud!
  3. Competing to WIN – offensively doubling down!
  4. Customer Satisfaction – take it to a new level!

The day was capped off with a spectacular party, as always, hosted by Microsoft and featuring a performance by Lenny Kravitz. Who could have asked for a better end to the week’s event and in my case, a birthday party? (Thanks to all who helped me celebrate!)

Make sure to follow #WPC13 and #mspartner for all the event wrap ups and plans for WPC 2014 in Washington D.C., July 13-17. REGISTER NOW for the BEST Price of US$1,595 (valid through July 14.)

Safe travels everyone. See you in Washington D.C. for WPC 2014!

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GPUGI can’t say that it was smooth sailing to yesterday's GPUG Mid-Atlantic Regional Chapter Meeting, maybe smooth swimming? The 2.5 hour drive finished off with a 45 minute downpour and flash flood warnings. There was a lot of dedication shown on behalf of all the attendees who traveled to the meeting! This particular chapter has grown well during its first year, with approximately 25-30 people in attendance. One of the most interactive sessions was the "Ask the Experts" panel, which included Wally Dodd of Dorado Solutions, Matt Wilson of McGladrey and Tracy Jo Dance of PMI. "Ask the Experts" has been well received at past meetings and today was no different. There was discussion around the value of attending the GPUG Summit 2013, and for those not planning to attend, the consensus is that there is tremendous value in doing so. Not only are the educational opportunities abundant, but for me, the power of networking that takes place onsite at the event is unbeatable, whether it’s connecting with potential clients, other partners or Microsoft team members. Just think of it as a huge version of “Ask the Experts!” We also talked about GPUG Collaborate, as it’s still fairly new and people still seem to have a lot of questions surrounding its use. It’s important to publicize that as a GPUG Member, you already have a profile on GPUG Collaborate. Simply log in using your Windows Live ID and update your profile to get started. This new online community extends the value of being part of the User Group and helps you connect with fellow GPUG members, keep up on Dynamics GP news and GPUG events, share Dynamics GP insight. To wrap up the meeting, a special thank you to McGladrey as they were kind enough to purchase the birthday cake to celebrate the chapter’s 1st Birthday!