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Vantage Point EDI Provides robust integration and outsourcing options for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 to support customers’ business and technology requirements.

With Data Masons’ Vantage Point EDI which is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics GP, users achieve full automation of their key EDI processes, while avoiding unnecessary ERP customizations and per document transaction fees to accommodate EDI. The solution provides out-of-the-box integration for over sixty document types and support for EDI, XML and multiple other electronic data formats.

“We want our customers focused on making their business more efficient and increasing profits from their supply chains, not on how they will support EDI requirements as new technologies are released. Our integration commitment to work seamlessly with the latest version of Dynamics GP, coupled with our solution’s Certification for Microsoft Dynamics GP, ensures that our customers’ business and technology requirements are continually met,” stated Dennis Bruce, Director of Business Development, Data Masons Software. Read the entire EDI for Dynamics GP 2018 press release here.

To learn more about Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018, read the Dynamic Communities’ GPUG post, written by Microsoft, to find out what’s new with GP 2018 and numerous blog posts about the product release.

Data Masons, in partnership with MSDynamicsWorld.com, hosted a webinar, “EDI Made Simple for Dynamics GP." Watch the on-demand webinar to learn more about how Data Masons' innovative EDI integration strategy helps Microsoft Dynamics GP clients avoid EDI transaction costs, lower their overall cost of ownership for EDI and achieve integration without ERP customization. See the Dietzgen EDI for Dynamics GP Customer Testimonial video or read EDI for Microsoft Dynamics GP customer success stories.

Highlighted Customers, Dynamics GP EDI, Dynamics GP EDI Customers, Dynamics ERP Integration

Microsoft Dynamics GP customer, Dietzgen, provides best in class print media to customers worldwide, but what they were missing was a best in class EDI solution to support their business. Capable of pushing orders through with their previous EDI solution, when they wanted to do more with EDI to automate their business processes, the company ran into more than one challenge with its existing EDI technology. Signaling it was time to evaluate other EDI solutions, Dietzgen also decided it was the opportune time to explore EDI options on the supplier side.

After going several rounds with multiple EDI solution partners, Dietzgen decided to engage Data Masons given the company’s strong reputation within the Microsoft Dynamics GP community. Not only could Data Masons’ Certified for Microsoft Dynamics GP EDI solution easily integrate with the ERP, but it could manage Dietzgen’s EDI processes on both the customer and supplier side.  

Watch the Dietzgen Customer Testimonial Video to Hear How:

  • Vantage Point EDI has eliminated the need for a manual data pull every 15 – 20 minutes;
  • Internal resources went from touching over 300 orders a day to less than 5 thanks to management by exception; and
  • The customer service teamed exponentially increased its time available to focus on core customer support activities rather than on EDI.

Highlighted Customers, Dynamics GP EDI, Dynamics GP EDI Customers, Dynamics ERP Integration

GP win

From the Desk of Dennis Bruce:

Serving parlors, C-stores, schools and colleges in 30 states at over 26,000 locations, Hershey Creamery Company depends on its large trading partner network to support its growing business. Supplying many of the top 5 leading food service providers, Hershey Creamery found that to conduct business with these partners they would have to go through iTradeNetwork. Given iTrade’s key role in handling communications within the food services industry, the customer not only needed to implement an integrated EDI solution that met partner mandates, but also one that could get them up and running with iTrade starting day one.

Working with their Microsoft Dynamics reselling partner, Hershey Creamery launched its search to find an EDI for Microsoft Dynamics GP solution provider that would accommodate their EDI requirements, and do so with little to no customizations to the Dynamics GP platform. Until now, Hershey Creamery was not required to run EDI and so it was important that the company’s solution-of-choice be one that was cost-effective and quick to implement. And with no Microsoft Dynamics GP upgrade on the horizon, they wanted to work with an ISV provider that would continue to support their ERP version, even when Microsoft no longer supports it.

Given the VARs previous experience working with Data Masons and the Vantage Point EDI for Microsoft Dynamics GP solution, they recommended that Hershey Creamery evaluate Data Masons’ EDI Made Simple® approach. Hershey Creamery quickly narrowed the pool of solutions down to Data Masons after learning about the company’s unique EDI technology and ability to be up and running immediately with iTrade’s maps.

Data Masons was able to serve up a double-scoop to the customer: an EDI solution that did not require any customizations to the ERP and one that mapped quickly to iTradeNetwork. Throw a few sprinkles on top – no challenges during install, ability to easily implement with new trading partners as required and confidence to scale to meet business needs - and the customer found a perfect flavor combination of integrated EDI and Microsoft Dynamics GP.





Highlighted Customers, Dynamics GP EDI, Dynamics GP EDI Customers, Dynamics ERP Integration



Thirstystone, best known for its line of 100% natural sandstone coasters, was running Microsoft Dynamics GP and needed a new integrated EDI solution to replace an aging solution that was labor intensive and inaccurate, resulting in extensive chargebacks.

The company selected Data Masons' Vantage Point EDI for Microsoft Dynamics GP solution given the company's distinguishing combination of EDI & ERP expertise and integration model. “Vantage Point EDI integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP without any GP customizations. This approach enabled us to get up and running in a matter of days, as opposed to other solutions that would require a lengthy project implementation,” stated Jim Dennis, Director of IT for Thirstystone. Vantage Point EDI's lower than expected implementation cost, coupled with the operational cost savings, drove a faster ROI than Thirstystone had anticipated.

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