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Coming off of Convergence, it's not like you need a warm fuzzy about the community to which we belong, but you might just get one reading the below. Please read what Kerry Rosvold responded when I asked her, " In The Era of the Customer, what role does 'community' play in supporting this concept?”

kr"As businesses, we all evaluate what’s going on with our customer base: who is new, who is joining from a different segment, and who is using a certain group of products. One thing we all want out of our customer base is stickiness: lasting customers who are loyal to our product and spread that loyalty through positive word of mouth and through repeat purchase of our products. When we talk about the Era of the Customer, the role of the community is one of the primary drivers of product stickiness for Microsoft Dynamics products.

The community of users at Convergence is enthusiastic about the support of their chosen products. You can see it all around you whether it’s bedazzled capes, buttons declaring “I Love NAV”, or the friendly competition we see in product shoot out and 50 Tips presentations. The constant buzz of the community in between sessions, meals, and expo hall visits is around best practices and discussions of how other users are finding success in using their chosen products.

The most amazing thing about this community is the way it continues past Convergence and continues to live and breathe throughout the year, mostly fueled by customers volunteering their time to help each other out. More and more often, we are seeing active outshoots of this Convergence community maintaining networking relationships on LinkedIn, through social media, and through user groups. The amount of support this community lends to each other through periodic get-togethers, online support in forums, blogs, and webinars, and just the simple willingness to provide information, solutions, and references, is astonishing. Truly the Era of the Customer is exemplified by this community who promotes the support of these products through their enthusiastic endorsement and continued use in their own businesses."

No wonder Kerry Rosvold was this year's Microsoft Dynamics Community Champion Award Winner. Congratulations again Kerry and thanks for taking a lead in the community!


Dynamics AX EDI, Dynamics GP EDI, Dynamics NAV EDI, Dynamics ERP Integration, Convergence 2014

During the opening keynote, we heard all about The Era of the Customer and with many Dynamics customers filling the stage, including Chobani, Delta, Weight Watchers, Lotus F1 Team and New Belgium Brewing, the message came to life. If you missed the keynote, you can Checkout the Keynote Highlights Here.

customer excellenceFollowing the keynote, I was fortunate enough to attend the Customer Excellence Awards luncheon thanks to an invitation from Kerry Rosvold, Microsoft Dynamics Community Champion Award Winner. Kerry was recognized by Microsoft executives for her dedication to sharing her expertise with the Dynamics community, which she passionately shares through her Dynamics NAV Financials Blog and among all her other commitments. What an honor to join Kerry along with the other award winners to share in The Era of the Customer spirit.

I believe it was Delta that talked to the importance of technology partnerships to drive The Era of the Customer. With that nod to technology partners, on behalf of the Data Masons team, I would like to congratulate not only the Customer Excellence Award Winners, but a huge round of applause to the Partners supporting them. While mentioned below are only the VAR partners, we send out kudos to all the other ISVs that engage these customers and allow them to execute their business, on their terms!

Dynamic Business: Enterprise
Delta Air Lines
Partner: Avanade

Dynamic Business: Small and Medium Enterprise
US Digital Corporation
Partner: Experlogix

Business Operations Excellence
Rockwater Energy Solutions
Partner: Edgewater Fullscope

Business Visionary
Melissa Singer, Signature Flight Support
Partner: Customer EffectiveCloud Transformation

Cloud Transformation
Partner: PowerObjects


Industry Excellence: Financial Services
The Saudi Investment Bank
Partner: VeriPark

Industry Excellence: Manufacturing
Partner: Edgewater Fullscope

Industry Excellence: Public Sector
Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD)
Partner: McGladrey LLP

Industry Excellence: Retail
Partner: Sable Systems

Industry Excellence: Service Industries
Acosta Mosaic Group
Partner: Tribridge

Ongoing Evangelism
CSX Transportation
Partner: Customer Effective

Productivity: Customer Care
Partner: Ignify

Productivity: Marketing
Herschend Family Entertainment
Partner: Customer Effective

Productivity: Sales Force Automation
Partner: Ignify

Technology Innovation: Enterprise
Nucor Corporation
Partner: Customer Effective

Technology Innovation: Small and Medium Business
ORR Safety
Partner: Socius

Congratulations all! We look forward to hearing more these customers next year at Convergence 2015!

Dynamics AX EDI, Dynamics GP EDI, Dynamics NAV EDI, Dynamics ERP Integration, Convergence 2014

It's not good to keep secrets, but hey, we want to let you in on one that can significantly change the way you are processing EDI and even better, one that can change what you see on your bottomline.

Has integrating EDI been a struggle? Have you had to customize your ERP Platform to get EDI documents to integrate? If so, we hold the secret to your success, but today we're ready to tell all.

Join Data Masons today at Convergence 2014 at 12:30 PM for the educational session, “Integrated EDI Made Simple for Microsoft Dynamics.” Data Masons' Glenn McPeak, EDI & ERP Expert, will discuss how Data Masons’ technology model helps clients avoid transaction costs and lower their overall cost of ownership for EDI. Glenn will show you how EDI transactions can be seamlessly integrated, into and out-of the Dynamics ERP environments, without evasive customizations and how Vantage Point can turn EDI into a competitive advantage for your business.

Have questions? Join the session or visit us at Expo Booth #735.

Dynamics AX EDI, Dynamics GP EDI, Dynamics NAV EDI, Dynamics ERP Integration, Convergence 2014

Well hello Atlanta! What an opening to today’s kick off to Convergence 2014! I’ve been to more Convergence events than I can count off hand, and this by far was one of the best opening keynotes I’ve attended. The energy from the audience, the set and the presenters got me jazzed for a great week, how about you?

The Spirit of Atlanta drum and bugle corps. opened up the morning with an upbeat, toe-tapping performance followed by Wayne Morris CVP, Microsoft Business Solutions Marketing. Before the Spirit of Atlanta left the stage, Wayne encouraged us all to submit our event evaluations, as for every evaluation received, Microsoft will donate $1 to the Spirit of Atlanta, a non-profit organization.

Wayne was excited to share the laundry list of bold moves and deliveries that have exemplified Microsoft’s innovation across the company. He confirmed it was a great year, but asked the real question, “what’s the impact on you?” To answer the question, he invited two of the customer excellence award winners onstage, Chobani and Weight Watchers, to talk about the difference a year can make.

So what can we expect in the year ahead? The Dynamics Innovation Roadmap includes the CRM spring update, GP 2013 R2 and AX 2013 R3 – keeping the innovation rolling along.

Kirill Tatarinov, EVP of MBS, joined the stage admitting that this is his 7th Convergence with MBS. He quickly turned to talking about the dynamics of human connection, connections that technology enriches, heightens and strengthens, giving the Olympic Games in Sochi as an example. Microsoft Dynamics served as the backbone of the Olympic games, and it was the only solution that could scale to handle the tens of thousands of people involved in the event. In fact , MSDYNAX was the only application to receive the Olympic #bestERP system award ever!

KirrillUp next, The Era of the Customer” and it’s all about engaging, nurturing and delighting. While technology matters, Kirill stated that it is being a customer-centric organization that brings you into the era of the customer. By living in the era of the customer, Kirill means engaging customers on their terms and humanizing the enterprise.

How does Kirill think we become customer centric companies? It all starts with the culture. It’s the people , not the technology that create the culture. Think of it as "P2P," people to people, rather than B2B. Start at the top and make sure everyone thinks of customer excellence as the most important objective.

On the Microsoft side, Kirill stated the strategy is to create high value opportunities for people at work, at home and on the go, setting Microsoft up as the company that helps people do more amazing things. One example given was the company’s investment in the Cloud, which directly targets peoples’ productivity.

We got a sneak peek at an ad airing in two weeks featuring the Lotus F1 Team, which was followed up by CEO of Lotus F1 Team, Matthew Carter, joining Kirill to talk about technology's role in connecting his team on track and team in the factory. Because of Dynamics AX, the Lotus F1 Team has advantages over other teams , all due to agility and speed. In context of Cloud, Lotus F1 Team is moving over its website and wants to move simulation and testing into the cloud – all with the goal of increasing the speed on the track.

Moving on to marketing, Kirill noted that marketing is an area that has transformed the most in the recent years and he invited Wayne Morris back to the stage to demo MS Dynamics Marketing (formerly Marketing Pilot). Noting that productivity goes down for marketers when they have a dozen tools to manage, Wayne showed Microsoft’s comprehensive solution to manage engagements and measure results – it was really cool.

So how can Microsoft enable us to sell more effectively? Kirill invited Judson Althoff
on stage to show how he uses Microsoft products to run his 25 million dollar business. Again, a singular dashboard that shows Microsoft’s entire Windows 8 dashboard that accesses all Dynamics Platforms with live tile information – this too was cool.

Sales, Marketing, now Customer Care. We learned that 67% of people want to take care of their own customer care issues, so how can we help that? According to Kirill, knowledge is the most important tool and he invited Fred Studer, GM Microsoft Dynamics Product Marketing, onstage to help demonstrate how this concept is executed. Fred demonstrated how CRM and Parature are working together to create a more knowledgeable customer care agent and customer experience. And by delivering self-service and customer care, Microsoft helps people be proactive and solve their own problems.

It was 10:00am at this time, and we started talking beer, as it related to the unification of back end operations with sales, another key component of continued success. Dynamics AX and CRM customer New Belgium Brewing Company joined Kirill to discuss how they use technology and mobility to enable their sales (beer rangers) to have real time communications with operations. Because of this unification, New Belgium has seen continued success, just in this past year becoming 100% employee owned. (And then of course, this discussion was followed by a toast.)

Continuing the recognition of customers, customer excellence award winner, Delta, joined the stage. Delta's SVP and CIO, Theresa Wise, attributed their success to their technology partnership and continuous focus on customer. When asked what drives the case for change in her industry, Wise said that historically technology was used solely for planning, but moving forward, Delta is using technology to further engage with customers and colleagues throughout the world – making the customer experience the case for change.

I found this fascinating: My replacing each pilot’s 38 lb flight bag with a Surface, Delta saves 1.2 millions of gallons of gas each year!

The Delta story is also changing the way flight attendants access, share and save information. A Delta representative gave a demo of how a mobile work force with a mobile device can serve customers better in real time.

Another example of technology improving the lives of others, City Harvest, an organization that redistributes food slated for waste to the hungry in New York City. City Harvest uses technology to manage communications across supply and donor chains, specifically using a suite of Microsoft Dynamics in hybrid cloud. And because of this technology investment, City Harvest has doubled the number of meals it serves and cut cost of delivery. They actually use technology to double the amount of food they serve each week. 42 million lbs of fresh food delivered all over NYC using Dynamics to coordinate the whole operation – awesomeness.

Thanks to Microsoft for a motivating opening to Convergence! It’s not only great to hear how customers are succeeding, but the real impressive part of that is how we all have a chance to leverage technology to make an impact.

Dynamics AX EDI, Dynamics GP EDI, Dynamics NAV EDI, Dynamics ERP Integration, Convergence 2014

Press Release:

Microsoft Dynamics® EDI Experts Data Masons Software Attends Microsoft Convergence® 2014 as a Silver Sponsor

[February 26, 2014] Sarasota, FL – Data Masons Software, LLC., a leading provider of Integrated EDI and XML solutions for Microsoft Dynamics® customers, today announced its Silver Sponsorship of Microsoft Convergence 2014, March 4-7, 2014 in Atlanta, GA. Convergence provides the community with the opportunity to discover how others use Microsoft Dynamics, navigate partner solutions and connect directly with Microsoft experts on the latest releases and product roadmaps.

"When Dynamics clients think EDI, they mostly think “requirement,” but what we’re trying to do with each different customer scenario is to have them think “opportunity.” EDI is gaining momentum in becoming a non-mandated technology option that delivers significant ROI, both on the customer and supplier side, and this is a trend that we look forward to sharing at Convergence. We’re excited about our debut as a Silver Sponsor and the opportunities it affords us to have this discussion and share our EDI expertise with the broader Dynamics community," said Dennis Bruce, Director, Business Development at Data Masons. Read Complete Press Release

Dynamics AX EDI, Dynamics GP EDI, Dynamics NAV EDI, Dynamics ERP Integration, Convergence 2014

mvp gtWe're excited to join our colleagues at Fastpath to host an MVP Celebration at Convergence 2014! With Microsoft Dynamics GP MVP Mark Polino leading the helm, we've invited all of the MVPs across the Dynamics ERPs to join us for an evening of networking.

“In many ways, MVP’s act as the voice of the larger community to Microsoft. With so many Dynamics products, each with their own identity, we feel like it's important for Dynamics MVP’s to get to know each other and to learn to work together on items that are important to all of us. This event give us a chance to connect with other MVP’s outside of the annual MVP Summit,” stated Microsoft Dynamics GP MVP Mark Polino.

The event takes place on Monday, March 3rd and so I'm sure we'll have a few pictures and highlights from the event to share with you the following day. Thanks to all of the MVPs that have RSVP'd to date! We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta!

Dynamics AX EDI, Dynamics GP EDI, Dynamics NAV EDI, Dynamics ERP Integration, Convergence 2014



With all the buzz leading up to Convergence 2014, and then the actual event itself, it’s easy for us partners to feel like we’re either missing out on certain information or at times, inundated by all of the hoopla. Then we also wonder how we can get in on the conversation. Just so you know how active the Convergence 2014 conversation is, Microsoft reports that since October, it has engaged in over 4,300 conversations around Convergence via its numerous social networks.

There’s lots that we could do to stay on top of it all and get in to the mix, but in reality, what do you have time for in the last days leading up to Convergence? The good news is that if you or your company already have a social presence, then you actually have a great opportunity in front of you to not only get with the social program, but also to maximize the return on your Convergence investment, and it’s easy to do with in just a few steps: Read 4 Steps to Social Success for Microsoft Dynamics Partners

Dynamics AX EDI, Dynamics GP EDI, Dynamics NAV EDI, Dynamics ERP Integration, Convergence 2014

Registration is now open for Virtual Convergence 2014! For whatever reason you may not be attending this year's event in Atlanta, Microsoft keeps you connected with this free online event experience. Kicking off on March 4th, you'll hear the pre-show and keynote from Philips Arena, followed by Microsoft's roster of General Sessions. And you don't have to stand on the sidelines as you'll be able to join the conversation via social media, including a chance to have live Q&A with the experts.

While we hope to see you in Atlanta (Data Masons is exhibiting in booth 735), if you aren't making the trip, we hope you join us virtually! Start today by following #CONV14 on Twitter.

Register for Virtual Convergence 2014

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Back again this year to kickoff your Convergence 2014 experience are the AX Partner Connections PreGame and GP Partner Connections PreGAME events on Monday, March 3rd! If you’re registered or planning to register for Convergence 2014, these two PreGAME events are FREE to all Microsoft Dynamics AX partner organizations. They provide you with the opportunity to focus on your business within a smaller, more intimate partner community before Convergence kicks off.


Register Today for the AXPC PreGAME!

When you attend, you’ll:

  • Participate in roundtable discussions around upgrades, managing code releases, industry, and partner resources.
  • Share real-world knowledge and experiences in implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • Gain insight on product and release updates directly from the Microsoft product team and much more!

AX Partner Connections PreGAME
Monday, March 3, 2014; 12:00 - 5:00 PM
Followed by Partner Q&A and Reception hosted by Microsoft
Omni Hotel at CNN Center

For more information about AX Partner Connections and the PreGAME, visit http://www.axpartnerconnections.com. You can also follow @DynamicsAXPC on Twitter.



Register Today for the GPPC PreGAME!

When you attend, you’ll:

  • Hear the latest on GP 2013 development directly from the Microsoft product team
  • Learn how to close more deals faster and gain deeper insight into winning solutions for you to leverage with your clients
  • Gain insight into product enhancements, BI, winning demos, web client development, and much more.


GP Partner Connections PreGAME
Monday, March 3, 2014; 12:00 - 5:00 PM
Followed by Partner Q&A and Reception hosted by Microsoft
Omni Hotel at CNN Center

For more information about GP Partner Connections and the PreGAME, visit http://www.gppartnerconnections.com. You can also follow @DynamicsGPPC on Twitter.

Dynamics AX EDI, Dynamics GP EDI, Dynamics ERP Integration, Convergence 2014

FUNWhat a fun idea to have Convergence 2014 attendees name the celebration party on Thursday, March 6th! As of right now, the party has no name and Microsoft needs our help. Microsoft is giving us the opportunity to name the party with its The Name It. Claim It. contest. By submitting an idea, you could win a VIP pass to meet the special musical guest, FUN.


What Microsoft is looking for in your entry is simple:

- Make them smile and have some fun

- Capture the spirit of Convergence

- Keep it concise!

Today is the last day to enter your name idea for the Convergence Celebration!

I'll see you at the party, whatever it's called!

Dynamics AX EDI, Dynamics GP EDI, Dynamics NAV EDI, Microsoft Dynamics Community, Dynamics ERP Integration, Convergence 2014

social media stockingsThe Dynamic Communities User Groups are ramping up for all of the networking to come for Convergence 2014 in Atlanta! If you are registered or thinking about attending Convergence, it's never too early to start making connections with other attendees. Start networking by joining the Convergence 2014 communities on AXUG Collaborate, GPUG Collaborate, and NAVUG Collaborate.

See you on Collaborate and at Convergence!