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Bob McAdam, GPPC Co-Leader; Jesse Byam, GPPC Co-Leader; and Kim Peterson, GPPC Director, recently reminded this year's GPPC PreGAME attendees in Houston that they can provide feedback on the event via a quick survey. GPPC is a partner-driven group and your feedback is critical!

They've also made the presentation materials available to review and share with your team members:

Kick off keynotes by Pam Misialek and Errol Schoenfish. Both shared their views on the exciting opportunity Dynamics GP 2013 will bring to the market.

Kevin Racer's two sessions on the technical aspects on how Dynamics GP 2013 will work.

Mark Stuyt of Sales Works did an excellent job for the sales and marketing room sharing how to shorten the sales cycle.

Pam Kram of Microsoft also offered follow up information for you to leverage for sales support. We hope you take what you learned from Mark and continue to brush up your skills in preparation of Dynamics GP 2013:

Lastly, David Musgrave of Microsoft shared his experiences of PreGAME: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/developingfordynamicsgp/archive/2012/03/27/microsoft-convergence-2012-houston-gppc-pregame.aspx

Thanks GPPC for another great event at Convergence 2012! Hope to see many of the same faces, and more, at the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift event hosted by GPPC. Plan now for your trip to
Fargo to learn how Dynamics GP 2013 will perform.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift Hosted by GPPC
Location: Microsoft Campus in Fargo, ND
Dates: September 12 - 14, 2012
Audience: Technical resources that will implement and develop on Dynamics GP 2013

Dynamics AX EDI, Dynamics GP EDI, Dynamics NAV EDI, Microsoft Dynamics Community, Dynamics ERP Integration, Convergence 2012, Dynamics User Groups

With all my encouragement for the community to get ‘social’ and join what Microsoft is doing, it was rewarding to see all of the social activity going on around Convergence 2012. Not only was the Twitter hashtag #CONV12 highly-used to promote the event goings-on, but there were also many other noteworthy examples of individuals and groups upping their activity and going the extra step to engage in the social media space.

For example, I thought what NAVUG did at its DayONE event was a great example of getting the community engaged in using social media channels. In talking with Trish Boccuti of NAVUG, I asked how they came up with the idea of hosting a “Twitter Hunt” during the event.

Trish: “At first we thought it would be cool to do an in person scavenger hunt, but we thought it would take time away from people’s learning experiences. So we came up with the virtual scavenger hunt idea and figured Twitter was an easy way to implement it. It’s such a great, easy way to communicate without burdening people with too many emails.”


Jon: What were your goals in hosting a Twitter Hunt?

Trish: “We wanted to get our members more involved in using Social Media. The goal was actually two part: 1) get users engaged with each other, and 2) encourage the use of Twitter within the NAVUG community.


Jon: Who participated in the Twitter Hunt? Twitter newbies, Twitter pros?

Trish: We had a lot of first time tweeters join the hunt. That was pretty cool to see. We also had a lot of people that had a Twitter account, but never used it really. So we definitely got people engaged and people loved seeing themselves get re-tweeted!”


Jon: Do you think you accomplished what you set out to do?

Trish: “Yes! We grew our @NAVUG and #NAVUG followers by about 35 people. By the end of the week everyone really had Twitter down, including the incorporation of popular community hashtags into their tweets. We’re really pleased with the outcome and hope the momentum carries through.”


What can I say, I love to see us all get more involved in sharing information and networking outside of face to face events! Great work Trish and the NAVUG DayONE planning committee! Looking forward to seeing more of you ‘socially’!

Dynamics AX EDI, Dynamics GP EDI, Dynamics NAV EDI, Microsoft Dynamics Community, Dynamics ERP Integration, Convergence 2012

Back in the office after an uneventful trip home from Houston. There's no time to rest - there's so much to do to followup from the Convergence goings-on. Here's what's on top of my list and some items you want to act fast on as well as they will help increase the ROI from this event and help Microsoft in preparing for Convergence 2013:

1- Keep the Conversations Going

Whether a new contact or a sales lead, like most of you, I plan to follow up with everyone during the next week by phone or email. But taking it a step further, I'll also look on social media outlets like Twitter and LinkedIn to find the connection online. By connecting socially, I can automatically stay up to date on the contact's goings-on moving forward, and vice versa! This really is a great time to keep the conversation going by connecting online socially!

2 - Download Convergence 2012 Presentations

To locate PowerPoint presentations from Convergence concurrent sessions and deep dive sessions, you can find them immediately via Schedule Builder. To view recordings of the keynotes, general sessions, concurrent sessions and deep dive sessions, visit Virtual Convergence. Both sites will be available exclusively to full pass Convergence attendees (sign in—with the login and password designated upon registration—is required) and will be available for up to one year.

3. Submit Feedback on Convergence 2012

Please help Microsoft continue to improve Convergence by letting them know what you think. Visit the secure portion of the Convergence website to complete online evaluations for each session you attended.

Great seeing everyone in Houston! Looking forward to connection soon.

Dynamics GP EDI, Dynamics ERP Integration, Convergence 2012

During Monday’s opening keynote session in Houston, Microsoft officially announced that the next version of GP will be Dynamics GP 2013 due for release calendar Q4 of 2012. This is not just a web client release - there are more than 150 new features to help GP-based organizations get down to business without over-burdening the IT person.

Errol Schoenfish gave a good overview of the highlights in his post “Announcing Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013“ on the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog. Errol reports that with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 you can:

Become a connected, forward-looking organization.

  • Equipped with the Business Analyzer dashboard that is now easily accessible over the web, you and your team will be able to quickly track key performance indicators, anticipate opportunities, delegate tasks, or take informed action. The Business Analyzer delivers role-specific insight across your business, so each member of your team can drill down to relevant details, collaborate with others, and take quick action right from their Microsoft Dynamics GP home page.
  • Provide all of your employees with web access to Microsoft Dynamics GP, so they can connect and contribute wherever they are, from their PC or mobile device.

Position your business on a platform for growth.

  • With Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Office, you can align your enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and productivity solutions on a single, powerful platform to drive deep integration and connections across your business.
  • Make your information technology more strategic by centralizing maintenance, security, and administration on your server in a multitenant environment, eliminating individual desktop updates and the need to maintain Terminal Services deployments. Free up your IT team to execute projects that create strategic value for your business.

Drive efficiency up while you drive costs down.

  • Enhanced capabilities across financial management, purchasing, asset and inventory management, shipping, receiving, and more. Microsoft Dynamics 2013 simplifies day-to-day functions and processes increasing productivity and driving costs out of your business.

Follow the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog starting next week when the MS team begins their Inside Look at Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.

Dynamics NAV 2013, Dynamics NAV EDI, Dynamics ERP Integration, Convergence 2012

My fellow Data Masons colleague and Senior Developer has been keeping close tabs on NAV over the last few days at Convergence 2012, discovering more about Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 and getting some valuable insight into what’s coming in Microsoft Dynamics NAV “7”, now officially named NAV 2013. With a planned Q4 calendar year 2012 general availability date, and an expected May 2012 Beta release, NAV 2013 will be the first Dynamics ERP solution to be cloud-enabled for Windows Azure.

Here’s the latest on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 coming from the sessions:

  • Web client is now available with very similar look as the Windows client
  • Azure deployment available with this release
  • SharePoint client/integration and self-service are also available with this version
  • This version is built on a full .NET runtime

Microsoft’s focus has been on “Choice.” For choice of clients, you have the Windows client, the Web client or SharePoint. And for choice of deployments, you have on-premise, partner-hosted and Microsoft-hosted (Windows Azure).

Other notes from the sessions:

  • Web-based UI has similar ribbon-based look and feel as the Windows client
  • With this release, Microsoft has removed the "Classic Client" (no forms, no classic reports)
  • For the database, Microsoft will support MS SQL server only (No "Native" databases supported going forward)
  • From a memory perspective, it will support 64-bit only
  • The product is built around "Role Centers" and dashboards with reporting
  • Microsoft has added integration with Skype to allow you to contact your clients with video calls
  • To improve the performance for the user, Microsoft has added the ability to post a sales order in the background (does not hold up the user)
  • Introduced OneNote integration
  • Added Excel integration
  • From a performance/technology direction, Microsoft has reduced G/L table locking time by up to 90% for sales order entry

And remember to share your final thoughts on Twitter:@MSFTDynamicsERP #MSDYNNAV #CONV12. And checkout the Microsoft NAV Team Blog for more updates coming from Convergence.

Dynamics GP EDI, Dynamics ERP Integration, Convergence 2012

Data Masons Software, LLC., a leading provider of EDI and XML solutions for Microsoft Dynamics customers, and Panatrack, Inc., a software development firm specializing in systems for tracking inventory, assets, and activities, today announced a strategic technology partnership. Panatrack selected Data Masons’ Vantage Point EDI solution as a key component of its PanatrackerGP Inventory solution. With this new component, Panatrack can offer customers requiring EDI capabilities an automated process for capturing and verifying transmitted EDI data. The ability to deliver these capabilities without ERP platform customization will provide customers with an integrated EDI solution that complements their inventory management objectives.

“Partnering with a trusted EDI provider like Data Masons demonstrates our support for the growing manufacturing and distribution segments within the community. Our solution is well- known for simplifying the order picking process, eliminating paper and providing real-time updates of the inventory status to Microsoft Dynamics GP. Now with Vantage Point EDI, we’ll extend the capabilities of PanatrackerGP to our customers requiring EDI support and provide a cost-effective, easy-to-implement solution for capturing and verifying the EDI transmitted details. We’re excited to offer this additional functionality to our clients and believe Data Masons’ unmatched level of industry expertise and superior technology model will go a long way in maximizing our clients’ Microsoft investments,” said Michael Burnham, President, Panatrack.

PanatrackerGP Inventory for Microsoft Dynamics GP adds barcode data capture for inventory transactions with direct integration to the ERP. The solution extends the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP to handheld mobile scanners for receiving, inventory moves, stock counts and order picking to add efficiency by eliminating duplicate entry and capturing transaction details at the point they occur.

“Data Masons is pleased to support Panatrack’s efforts in extending the company’s capabilities to address their clients’ EDI requirements. The Vantage Point EDI and PanatrackerGP solutions share a similar architecture, both providing a tightly-integrated solution that avoids ERP platform customizations. While the main focus of this partnership is to support Panatrack clients’ with a top-rated EDI solution, investing in a technology model that negates ERP customizations will also dramatically simplify ERP installations and upgrades for their clients”... Read Full Press Release

Dynamics AX EDI, Dynamics GP EDI, Dynamics NAV EDI, Microsoft Dynamics Community, Dynamics ERP Integration, Convergence 2011, Convergence 2012

Kevin Turner, Chief Operating Officer, and Kirill Tatarinov, President, Microsoft Business Solutions, led the opening keynote at Convergence 2012 on Monday. They quickly confirmed what we had all guessed, that this is the biggest Convergence ever, with over 10,000 people and almost 270 companies presenting on the expo floor. Wow….

Kevin opened with the theme of a “New Era:” a new era for technology, a new era for business, a new era for Microsoft and a new era for Dynamics. Kevin went on to discuss the key components that are driving this new era:


  • Cloud: “…A year ago it was sort of talked about as a trend, now it's in full mainstream. We're seeing tens of millions of customers move to the cloud in very, very rapid ways. And if you look at this particular quote from Forrester, it's going to go from a $40 billion industry to a $240 billion industry just by 2020. We actually think that number is light, maybe even by 2, at the speed that we're seeing the cloud take hold.”


  • Consumerization of IT: “…Microsoft will be this year the first company on the planet to be able to have a consistent user experience from the smartphone to the tablet, to the slate, to the reader, to the laptop, to the rich client, and to the television, with our Metro UI.”


Kirill followed on Microsoft’s vision, the vision that they project to business customers, is what they call Dynamic Business. “When we think about Dynamic Business, business of the future, business that is edge out, business who takes advantage of all of the technology trends, as that business overcomes the challenges of the economics and grabs onto all of the opportunities. There are a few things that we really believe are important. First and foremost, Dynamic Business is the one that takes an intently people-centric approach.”

As part of Kirill’s keynote, he highlighted how in business applications with Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft is truly changing the game and highlighted some of what’s to come in 2012:


  • Two updates to Microsoft’s CRM online service, the 1st one coming later this spring


  • Announcing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, the first cloud-enabled ERP solution for Windows Azure


  • Formal naming for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 which will be cloud-enabled for Windows Azure and is expected to release by the end of the calendar year


  • Update to Dynamics AX 2012 with an R2 release later this year


And in the true spirit of Convergence opening keynotes, Kirill also celebrated success of customers who have achieved excellence in their field, industry, approach or other categories in which Microsoft recognizes their customers. This year Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada and DENTSPLY, an international leading manufacturer of dental products for the professional market and now for healthcare, were highlighted for their transformational success with Microsoft Dynamics.

For More Information on the Keynote and Announcements check out:

Dynamics AX EDI, Dynamics GP EDI, Dynamics NAV EDI, Dynamics ERP Integration, Convergence 2012

Data Masons Software, LLC., a leading provider of EDI and XML solutions for Microsoft Dynamics® customers, announced today that it has attained the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) AX distinction for its Vantage Point EDI solution. With this honor, Vantage Point EDI has proven its seamless integration with the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform to meet the specific industry and business needs of its customers.

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics is Microsoft Corp.’s highest standard for partner-developed software. This certification represents a significant step in elevating the standard for partner-developed software solutions for industry-specific business applications. Solutions with the CfMD status have demonstrated development quality and compatibility with the Microsoft Dynamics product.

“By requiring the software solution to meet our highest standards, Microsoft is assuring customers that these certified solutions work with their investments in Microsoft Dynamics,” said Doug Kennedy, vice president, Microsoft Dynamics Partners. “Microsoft congratulates Data Masons on earning the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics designation.”

Vantage Point EDI delivers an all-in-one approach to EDI for Microsoft Dynamics. By leveraging the latest technology and taking advantage of specific functionality built into the Microsoft Dynamics ERP platforms, Data Masons delivers a tightly-integrated EDI solution that eliminates the need for ERP customizations...Read Full Press Release

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My colleagues and I always look forward to attending Convergence as it's always a valuable, and fun, event for the Dynamics Community. And each year they seem to just keep getting better, this year being no different with Data Masons' week starting with the AXUG PreGAME event on Saturday.

A loud shout out to the Dynamics AX User Group (AXUG) Partner Advisory Council, AXPAC, for hosting a great event and a special thank you for asking Data Masons to participant in three of the roundtable discussions. I'm always happy to support the User Group community in any way possible, as its an unique opportunity to further education within the Dynamis ecosystem.

Many thanks from Glenn, David and myself for the opportunity to add value to this partner-focused event!

Dynamics AX EDI, Dynamics GP EDI, Dynamics NAV EDI, Dynamics ERP Integration, Convergence 2012, Dynamics User Groups

Yesterday's PreGAME events offered a partner-focused opportunity for networking and learning prior to the major Convergence 2012 events kicking off. And not to be outdone, today end users have the same opportunity to engage with other Dynamics Users at the Dynamic Communities-hosted DayONE events.

The AXUG, NAVUG and GPUG DayONE events will offer a content-packed afternoon of insightful sessions and networking opportunities with fellow Dynamics Users. In addition to a variety of User-led breakout sessions and interactive discussions, DayONE participants will also get the inside scoop from top dogs at Microsoft and have the opportunity to provide product feedback directly to the Microsoft User Experience Research Team.

For the complete DayONE agendas, checkout the below links and if you're not attending, make sure to stay in the know by following #CONV12 on Twitter:

AXUG DayONE Agenda GPUG DayONE Agenda NAVUG DayONE Agenda

Convergence 2012, Dynamics User Groups

The Dynamics AX User Group's PreGAME kicked off today in Houston to start what is sure to be an exciting Convergence 2012 event. This event is for VARs and ISVs to network, pick up tips on a variety of AX topics and collaborate with Microsoft team members.

An active AXUG member and event participant, Data Masons will join the PreGAME, providing panelists for the roundtable discussons:

Glenn McPeak: Navigating the CfMD Process

David Irvine: Product Development Experiences with Dynamics AX 2012

Dennis Bruce: Best Practices for Working with VARs

The Complete AXUG PreGAME Agenda:

1:00-1:30p Registration & Partner Networking
1:30-2:45p Dynamics AX VAR Session (ISVs Also Welcome)Roundtable Discussion Topics: Dynamics AX 2012 Upgrade & New
Implementation Experiences; Customer Experiences with BI & Reporting
2:45-3:00p AXPAC Overview, AXUG Summit 2012 Preview, Overview of Academic Alliance
3:00-3:15p Networking Break
3:15-4:30p Dynamics AX ISV Session (VARs Also Welcome)Roundtable Discussion Topics: Navigating the CfMD Process; Best Practices for
Working with VARs; Product Development Experiences with Dynamics AX 2012
5:00-6:00p Microsoft Executive Q&A
6:00-8:00p Microsoft Partner Reception

Not attending the PreGAME? Stop by the Data Masons booth (#445) to see what you missed and continue the discussions! And follow #CONV12 on Twitter to stay in-the-know on all the conference goings-on!

Dynamics NAV EDI, Microsoft Dynamics Community, Dynamics ERP Integration, Convergence 2012, Dynamics User Groups

NAVUG's DayONE is right around the corner and a few additional details have been added around the event:

It will begin at 1:30pm in the Convention Center, room 360 BECF. Please be sure to bring a good supply of business cards as there will be some networking opportunities. The schedule is at: http://www.navug.com/conferences/dayone2012

Also, please be sure to follow #NAVUG on Twitter . There will be a "twitter hunt" and you can win some fun prizes! Don't have a Twitter account? Get one before you go - they are free!