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Case study showcases Diane von Furstenberg’s decision to implement a new EDI solution during its Microsoft Dynamics AX upgrade and the benefits of moving to a fully-automated EDI solution. 

[September 21, 2016] Data Masons Software, LLC., a leading provider of Integrated EDI and XML solutions for Microsoft Dynamics customers, announces the availability of a case study for Data Masons and Microsoft Dynamics AX customer, Dian von Furstenberg (DVF). Founded in 1972 by the legendary Diane Von Furstenberg, DVF is a global lifestyle brand and one of the premier names in American fashion with a global distribution network in over 55 countries and 1500 points of sale. In this case study, the company discusses its decision to engage a new EDI solution to support its growing eCommerce initiatives. 

The customer-facing side of DVF’s eCommerce business provides an easy and fun experience for consumers, but to be successful and prepare for future growth, DVF understood that the systems on its supplier-side need to work in unison in order to get orders processed, packaged and shipped on time. Once decided on Microsoft Dynamics AX for its ERP platform, DVF selected Vantage Point EDI for Microsoft Dynamics AX from Data Masons to deliver the level of automation they required to have a competitive eCommerce business. 

Predicting explosive growth of the company’s eCommerce business, Josie Edouard, EDI Business Analyst at DVF, stated, “I’m glad that DVF is using Vantage Point EDI. I find it to be extremely easy to use, very user friendly.” Edouard added, “It’s easy for me to maneuver, especially when troubleshooting problem orders..."

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missing-the-trainWe like to share revelant, best practices on EDI with our followers. Please enjoy this article from ec-bp.

Are you a retailer? It's not too late for EDI. 

EDI is the standard format for order processing and tracking in the retail industry. While every major retailer has adopted its use there are plenty of smaller and midsized retailers who haven’t yet got onboard. Fortunately for these companies it isn’t too late to start. 

All the groundwork has been laid by retailers and EDI service providers, and the path has been trampled over the years so that newcomers will find a smooth road to implementation. Here are three areas that can be leveraged by retailers making the move to electronic order processing.

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From ERP & EDI Expert, Glenn McPeak: When it comes to implementing Microsoft Dynamics ERP into the fashion apparel and footwear industry, most companies face the same critical operational issues - profit pressure from operational costs and managing complex global supply chain delivery systems. Companies are further challenged with a 24/7/365 business cycle, controlling inventory and unnecessary labor costs, such as data entry, that add no value to the goods being delivered.

One technology that can address these challenges is a strong integrated EDI solution. The right EDI solution will drive significant reductions in overhead costs, error reduction and simplification of tasks surround supply chain execution. Microsoft Dynamics ERP users can gain a competitive advantage by introducing a solution that can automate interaction with partners and deliver a “management by exception” infrastructure so that attention can be focused on other areas of the business.

However, the EDI functional requirements are different for fashion companies compared to most consumer products sold through retail channels. The right solution should not only complement Microsoft Dynamics, but also solve the unique and complex issues that nearly all apparel and footwear companies face in their efforts to boost profits through tight integration.

When evaluating ERP and EDI solutions, there are key features that no fashion company should overlook. To properly address industry-specific EDI challenges, companies should look for a solution that handles Assortments, Musical Runs and Master Pack Explosion / Implosion Logic.

Data Masons’ fully-integrated Vantage Point EDI solution pairs with Microsoft Dynamics, addressing these challenges with ‘plug and play’ configuration and tight integration. Offering a unique technology platform and flexible business model, integrated EDI for Microsoft Dynamics fully automates EDI processing and eliminates unnecessary transaction fees that can compromise ROI and a company’s ability to do more with less effort. Furthermore, there is no need to customize the ERP platform to make full supply chain integration possible. Instead, all of the complex processing, exception management and powerful transaction auditing is handled by Vantage Point EDI.

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  • Key Industries, the largest manufacturer of farming apparel in the Midwest, and quality uniforms manufacturer, The Fechheimer Brothers Company, shed ERP customizations with integrated¸ easy-to-implement EDI.



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From Dennis Bruce of Data Masons: For The Fechheimer Brothers Company, a manufacturer of quality uniforms, and Key Industries, the largest manufacturer of farming apparel in the Midwest, implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX meant the ability to effectively manage inventory and labor costs that are unique to the industry, as well as provide great service to their customers. A new ERP also meant a new opportunity to address their EDI needs.

Replacing their ERP platforms with Microsoft Dynamics AX, both companies had the perfect opportunity to analyze how they were handling EDI and evaluate other available solutions, ones that could help them overcome industry-specific challenges and gain a competitive advantage within the marketplace. Both companies realized that an integrated EDI solution would best utilize the power of Microsoft Dynamics AX to meet their EDI mandates. Their Microsoft Dynamics AX reselling partners both had previous experience working with Data Masons’ EDI and ERP experts and recommended the company’s Vantage Point EDI solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX as the number one option for Fechheimer Brothers and Key Industries.

Data Masons’ fully-integrated Vantage Point EDI solution pairs perfectly with Microsoft Dynamics AX to resolve common EDI challenges such as assortments, musical runs and master pack implosion and explosion logic. With ‘plug and play’ configuration and tight integration, Vantage Point EDI’s unique technology platform and business model combines with Microsoft Dynamics AX to take the manual intervention out of EDI processing and eliminate unnecessary transaction fees that can compromise ROI and a company’s ability to do more with less.

The Fechheimer Brothers Company and Key Industries will benefit from EDI processing that includes automatic, powerful alerts and user-definable workflows that enable Microsoft Dynamics AX users to tailor and optimize the EDI solution to meet their industry-specific requirements - without any ERP customizations.