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Multi-Language EDI Support, Por Favor!

November 11, 2015 @ 9:11 AM

canstockphoto-international_globeEDI has solved many problems that were inherent in paper-based transaction processing – time delays, labor costs, accuracy, information accessibility – and it has also introduced opportunities that make business globalization viable. Backed by the right EDI solution, today’s company can exchange data accurately and timely no matter the location, preferred language or transaction requirements of their customers and suppliers.

Outside of supporting both North American and International Standards, multi-language support is critical to an EDI solution’s ability to insure the smooth exchange of business transactions that can often times be hindered by language and transaction requirements. With multi-language support, EDI users can benefit from a solution that offers:

  • Support for 15 different languages, including Dansk, Deutsch, English, Espanol, Francais, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italiano, Malayu, Nederlands, Norsk, Pilipino, Portugues, Suomi  and Svenska;

  • Users the ability to install only the languages which they require to complete EDI transactions;

  • An EDI update process that automatically adds new terms from the current release for the users’ installed languages;

  • The ability to override the default translation of any given term via SQL scripts; and

  • Selected language preference settings per user based on Active Directory userID.

Are you evaluating EDI solutions with multi-language support and other features that meet your business needs? Make sure by downloading our checklist.

Multi-language support combined with our innovative EDI Made Simple Approach helps customers avoid the pitfalls of more traditional business document integration models. In addition to eliminating language obstacles, Data Masons provides a single EDI solution that can handle all of your business document integration requirements regardless of ERP version or industry. And with out of the box integration of trading partners and business document file types,  such as EDIFACT, ASC X12, Tradacoms, ASCII delimited or fixed position, XML, and more, users can quickly and easily start transacting with their business partners both near and far.     

Whether you’re looking for a new EDI solution or are upgrading Dynamics and considering upgrading your EDI, we’d love to share how we can support your business with Microsoft-certified EDI solutions.

If your business is exploring EDI options, make sure it has the features you need. Download our EDI Solution Evaluation Checklist to get started.

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Dennis Bruce
Written by Dennis Bruce

Dennis Bruce joined Data Masons Software in February 2008 where he manages all sales and marketing functions. His experience with the Microsoft Dynamics product line and partner channel go back to 1999 when he joined the North American Subsidiary of Damgaard, the original developers of Microsoft Dynamics AX, in a sales and channel management role. In 2001, Damgaard merged with Navision and Dennis became a Regional Sales Manager responsible for all revenue in Navision’s East Region. Dennis continued on to Microsoft with their acquisition of Navision in July 2002. His roles at Microsoft for the next 4 years revolved around Microsoft Dynamics ERP sales and Partner Management & Development.