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  • July 1, 2020

EDI Made Simple, Part 1: Are You Ready?

Simple EDI is possible. Here are the signs that indicate your business’s readiness not just for EDI, but for a truly simple EDI solution.

Welcome to our three-part blog series on one of Data Masons’ key principles: how to make EDI simpler.

Asking someone if they’d like a business process to be simpler seems like a no-brainer, but many believe that EDI is too complex to be anything but a complicated headache. This just is not true. Putting EDI to work can be simple. It needs to be, given that a growing number of companies large and small have been successfully exchanging and integrating transactional information using EDI for more than a quarter of a century. 

In the next two blogs, we’ll break down how EDI can be made simple, but first we’ll discuss the signs that indicate your business’s readiness not just for EDI, but for a truly simple EDI solution.shutterstock_84146302_headachecomputer

  1. Your customers are knocking. For many companies, the first time they hear about EDI or realize it might be the right move for their business comes when a customer or supplier asks to connect with them, or offers superior terms as an incentive to connect via EDI.

  2. The competition is looming. Maybe your trading partners aren’t talking about EDI, but what about your competitors? Many companies start to realize they need EDI when they realize the benefits it’s providing their competitors: doing more with less staff, and opening avenues for more business.

  3. Round 2. It’s not unusual to implement an EDI solution and realize that it doesn’t work for you. If the results aren’t what you expected, or your staff or trading partners aren’t having the experience you expected, it’s worth exploring if there’s a better way.

In part 2, we’ll look at the all-important consideration: Cost. EDI Made Simple isn’t just about simplicity of design or implementation, but about simplicity of cost. In part 3, we’ll discuss what truly makes the EDI solution itself simple.

We discuss these points further in our white paper, EDI Made Simple: A New Approach to EDI. Download it now to learn more about how Data Masons took one of the most complex business practices in the modern age, and made it simple.

Download "EDI Made Simple - A New Approach to EDI"

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