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  • July 8, 2019

Data Masons Success Story - Giving Back with Mara Aguirre

Our customer advocate, Mara Aguirre, does great work in her community. Read about her experience.

Data Masons is pleased to present our blog series, Giving Back. We are very proud of our team members who have chosen to volunteer and make a difference in their communities. Data Masons provides paid time off to any employee that wishes to give back to their communities and we proudly highlight the people and worthwhile charities to which they have dedicated their time. 

Mara Aguirre, based just outside of Dallas, is a customer advocate who has been with Data Masons for over a year, though many of her clients and coworkers know her from her time with Macola, and she has over 20 years of experience in the ERP world. If you’re a Data Masons customer, you may have had the pleasure of working directly with Mara, who works hard to ensure that our clients have the resources they need to be successful. 

Mara carries this attitude outside of her work at Data Masons and into her community, where she often volunteers with local charities in Dallas such as The Bridge, a homeless recovery center. The Bridge is different from a traditional homeless shelter, in that each individual is assigned a case manager and provided resources such as job training, resume writing, and mental health and medical services. The goal of The Bridge is not just to treat homelessness, but to reduce and even eradicate it. shutterstock_666399238_homeless

Mara’s Community Service Day was spent at The Bridge’s library, which is fully operated by volunteers. Residents can check out and use computers and books, play games such as chess or cards, or simply enjoy the quiet area. Mara volunteers there a few times a month and enjoys being able to work directly with the residents and see the smiles on their faces when she talks with them. For her, this reinforces that, “some folks, due to circumstances, are okay one day and have their world turned upside-down the next,” and that the stigmas surrounding the homeless population is undeserved.  

Volunteering is awesome of course, but it isn’t always easy. Mara points out that when you select an organization to volunteer with, be sure to factor in what you can realistically contribute. Meals on Wheels, for example, is another organization whose mission Mara is passionate about, but the available hours to volunteer do not match with her schedule. Don’t feel bad if that happens to you; just do what you can, whether that means volunteering or donating money or other resources. The important thing, Mara has learned, is to find both the cause you’re passionate about and contribute what makes sense for you. 

It was such a pleasure to speak to Mara and learn about her experiences with The Bridge. Mara and many other members of our team enjoy working for a company that so highly values the work its employees do for their communities. If our company culture sounds like it might be a good fit for you, we invite you to view our current openings. We look forward to bringing you more stories about our awesome employees soon! 

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