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Controlling the cost of EDI for Dynamics GP

July 30, 2015 @ 8:07 AM

Adding an electronic data interchange (EDI) solution to Microsoft Dynamics GP is more than an attractive option–for some companies, it is a firm mandate from their customers or a prerequisite to enter attractive markets. But there are subtleties to selecting the appropriate EDI solution for a growing business.

Controlling the Cost of EDI for Dynamics GP

Read the blog from our Partner, Panatrack, as we delve deeper into this topic and then learn more in our new, informational brief, "Selecting EDI for Microsoft Dynamics GP".

Brian Lynch
Written by Brian Lynch

My background is in ERP and Integrated EDI/XML solutions in a variety of industries including consumer packaged goods, process manufacturing, automotive, industrial equipment, pharmaceutical, and food distribution. Working with the Microsoft Dynamics ERP suites, my experience has been in pre-sales support, direct sales, sales management, channel marketing, service, and customer support helping more than 1,000 organizations over my career of 17+ years.