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Change was in the Air at AXUG Focus 2015

May 27, 2015 @ 14:05 PM

ax7-roadmapChange is good and change it was at AXUG Focus 2015. Several out-of-the-gate announcements at the Manufacturing and Supply Chain conference alerted attendees that there’s a good deal to look forward to regarding the future of Dynamics AX.

To begin, AXUG announced that Paul Vaughan has joined the team as AXUG Program Director, taking over for Frank Vukovits who has transitioned to International Program Director. Vaughan has extensive experience with Dynamics AX, most recently as the Enterprise Manager of Information Systems for Stupp Bros, Inc., and he also serves as the Chapter Leader for the AXUG Missouri Chapter.  Welcome to the team Paul!

On the technical side, Dan Brown, Microsoft’s AX R&D general manager, announced during the keynote general sessions that the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics AX, codenamed AX 7, is set to be released at the end of the year. It will be released exclusively on the Microsoft Azure platform first with an on-premise version available six months after the release.

Brown also stated that Microsoft wants at least 50 ISVs to have AX 7 compatible products at the time of the launch. I’m excited to share that Data Masons is one of these ISVs and will have integrated EDI for Microsoft Dynamics AX ready to support new and upgrading AX 7 customers on day one!

For those AX 2009 customers looking to upgrade, there’s good news. Brown announced that customer support has been extended until 2018.  There’s good news too for AX 2012 customers, as the upgrade to AX 7 on Azure has been designed to be simpler and more efficient than past upgrade processes.

It was reassuring to hear that Microsoft will continue its momentum around increasing the speed of delivering new updates to its user community. When working with our customers, we see the impact of simplified technology updates and/or upgrades on a company’s daily operations and bottom line.

With EDI for Dynamics AX specifically, we support Microsoft’s implementation and technology direction with an integration approach that eliminates ERP customizations to accommodate EDI.  For our customers, this means that they can continue to invest in Dynamics AX knowing that their EDI solutions will deliver dependable, uninterrupted service during their technology updates.  Not only does this approach simply matters for the customer, but it ultimately saves them a significant amount of time and money that they otherwise would have spent to customize an EDI integration. Hopefully, this customer benefit will drive more and more Microsoft Dynamics ISVs to have compatible products ready to go at the time of a technology launch.

While AXUG Focus may have passed, registration is open for AXUG Summit 2015, October 13th – 16th in Reno, NV.  Hope to see you there! 

Brian Lynch
Written by Brian Lynch

My background is in ERP and Integrated EDI/XML solutions in a variety of industries including consumer packaged goods, process manufacturing, automotive, industrial equipment, pharmaceutical, and food distribution. Working with the Microsoft Dynamics ERP suites, my experience has been in pre-sales support, direct sales, sales management, channel marketing, service, and customer support helping more than 1,000 organizations over my career of 17+ years.