Brian Lynch

Brian Lynch

My background is in ERP and Integrated EDI/XML solutions in a variety of industries including consumer packaged goods, process manufacturing, automotive, industrial equipment, pharmaceutical, and food distribution.

Working with the Microsoft Dynamics ERP suites, my experience has been in pre-sales support, direct sales, sales management, channel marketing, service, and customer support helping more than 1,000 organizations over my career of 17+ years.

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EDI has the potential to optimize business processes beyond just orders, invoices and ASNs. Depending on the type of EDI solution, an organization can enjoy a range of benefits by automating processes related to their customers, suppliers, 3PLs, carriers and other key business partners. 
We invite you to join us on July 18, 10am AEST (July 17, 8pm US ET), in conjunction with, as we review the different business processes that can be automated and cover the benefits of an EDI solution including management by exception processing. The webinar will finish with a quick demonstration Vantage Point EDI, a fully Certified EDI solution for Dynamics.
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Get the answers to your EDI for Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 for Operations questions!

Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 customers have options when it comes to EDI or XML integration solutions. But without the right preparation and expertise, the effort can be riddled with expensive and complicated errors.

On Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 10am AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) join and Data Masons as we help you to understand the right questions to ask to make sure you're heading down the right integration path for your company:

  • Should you customize Dynamics AX/365 or embed custom code to handle your requirements?
  • Do prepackaged external applications work?
  • Is a SaaS or an on-premise solution a better way to go? Can you have both?
  • Do you really have to pay document fees?
  • How do Dynamics updates impact your EDI process?

We'll cover these critical questions and more in this informative session. Come away from the event with information that can turn EDI and eCommerce into a strategic advantage at your organization.

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Looking for a Microsoft Dynamics professional networking and education event close to home? Join me on March 17th in Cincinnati, OH for the AXUG Ohio Chapter meeting! During this meeting I'll be talking about EDI for Microsoft Dynamics AX and integrating your supply chain. I'm looking forward to sharing with you about successful EDI integration and how other Microsoft Dynamics AX-based companies are succeeding with significant cost savings and measurable operational efficiencies.

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Can't attend the meeting but interested in learning best practices for EDI integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX? View our recorded webinar to learn how you can make your EDI project more successful than you ever imagined.

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GPUG_Summit_Logo_-_PNG.pngIf you’re implementing EDI in your company, upgrading Dynamics GP with EDI related customizations, or improving upon the EDI solution currently in use in your company, you’ll want to join Data Masons at GPUG Summit 2016!  During our educational session, we'll share 10 Best Practices for a successful EDI implementation. We'll also demonstrate Dynamics GP use cases and include the most common challenges customers experience, how they’ve been able to successfully implement EDI, and benefits experienced so far.

Watch the On-Demand webinar "10 Best Practices: Integrating Your Supply Chain into Dynamics GP".

To learn more, join us for the following session at GPUG Summit. We'll also provide a detailed EDI for GP product demonstration. 

WEDNESDAY, October 12
11:15am - 12:15pm 10 Best Practices: Integrating Your Supply Chain into Dynamics GP
Presenter, Brian Lynch


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bannergpugamplify_175.jpgGPUG and Microsoft are collaborating to present Amplify, May 23rd-25th in Anaheim, CA, the latest event for the Microsoft Dynamics GP end user community. Hosted by GPUG, this event will offer a Convergence-like lineup of educational sessions including a deep-dive into Dynamics GP 2016, led by the Microsoft GP team. End-users attending Amplify will discover the latest solution innovations and new product updates, and will have the opportunity to connect with the Microsoft team to learn about product roadmaps and the future direction of the Dynamics GP product.

I will be attending and look forward to sharing with you the business and financial benefits of implementing EDI Made Simple® for Microsoft Dynamics GP.  If you're looking to simplify your EDI integration, eliminate unnecessary ERP customizations, and avoid per document transaction fees, then let's connect to talk about your specific EDI project and how Data Masons can help. Planning an upgrade or implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016?  Data Masons provides DayOne integration with the latest Microsoft Dynamics ERP releases. Contact me directly to schedule a meeting.  

I also invite you to listen to the Podcast, "Controlling the Cost of EDI for Dynamics GP." If your company could benefit from streamlining relationships with your own trading partners, then you'll want to make sure that the EDI solutions integrate with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) application like Microsoft Dynamics GP and will truly deliver the capabilities you need. If you'd rather read the content, download the Executive Brief.

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success.jpgJoin Data Masons and (MSDW) for a new look at how EDI technology is impacting Microsoft Dynamics customers. We will review the results of a new MSDW reader survey on EDI, discuss industry trends, challenges, and best practices, and take audience questions.

Specific survey findings and topics to be discussed during this online event will include:

  • The types of trading partners that businesses plan to support in the future;
  • How customers can make more educated decisions about EDI purchase options; 
  • The greatest challenges companies face in managing their EDI solutions; 
  • Factors of EDI ownership that relate to the overall affordability like integration and customization; and
  • What EDI solution owners would do differently next time for a better outcome.

    I'll also provide an update on how Dynamics customers can overcome the most common challenges of deploying EDI technology and build an efficient and effective network of trading partners. I hope you'll join us!

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Direct of Van Based EDI

Which is best for your company?

As a professional who has helped over 1,000 companies during my career implement EDI with Dynamics as their back office, I often get asked “What method of EDI communication is best for MY company?” Since there are only two main methods of communications; an EDI Value added network (VAN) provider or Direct EDI, my response is typically the same. 20 years ago VAN’s were the only choice; however, most major trading partners support direct communications. Fortunately, the decision for most companies can be straightforward and should be based entirely on business requirements, such as volume of documents, IT support, and services being provided by your EDI provider.

Differentiating Direct vs VAN

Direct EDI, such as File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or standards such as AS2, establishes a secure line between two business partners. With minimal software and an internet connection, companies can now connect to their trading partner base with no per document fees. Certain industries or partners may require or highly suggest this form of communication such as Wal-Mart, Lowes, Cardinal Health, etc. because it is closer to real time communications, and avoids costly per document fees for both parties.  

An EDI VAN is a secure outsourced network where EDI documents can be exchanged between business partners. Your company is provided with a ‘mailbox’ from which EDI documents are sent and received, similar to traditional paper based mail (snail mail). The “value added” part of the mailbox are often services like mail notifications, inspect, authentication, and validating the message.  Messages are tracked and recorded for auditing purposes, as well as other services available through VANs, such as backup and recovery, mapping, compliance, and more.

Learn more about how simple EDI can be with the right partner. Download our white paper.

Deciding Which Method is Best for Your Company

A Direct EDI connection may be best if:

  • You are trading a higher volume of EDI documents, frequently (typically more than 500 per month)
  • Your trading partners have varying requirements, particularly with communications protocols (AS2, FTPS, SFTPS, etc.).
  • You have an internal IT resources to setup and maintain the direct connections OR your EDI provider offers assistance in this setup and support. 

A VAN may be better if:

  • Your business partners do not support a direct EDI communications and/or you anticipate having a lower count of trading partners.
  • You are trading a low volume of EDI documents (typically less than 500 documents per month).
  • You want to outsource communications.
  • You have limited IT resources.

When selecting the option which would make the most sense for you, there are a few questions you need to ask:

1)      Does my trading partner support direct EDI?

2)      What type of EDI traffic do I anticipate?

3)      What IT resources will be required?

4)      What support/assistance will my EDI provider give me related to communications?

One of the biggest factors in communication choice, in addition to what options your partners support, is your anticipated volume. You want to keep in mind that certain transactions will equal other transactions. So if you receive in 100 POs per month, and now need to send out PO Acknowledgments, shipment notifications, Invoices—those 100 POs often result in 400+ documents per month, when you factor in at least a one to one relationship (and don’t forget about resends, or partial shipments!). There may also be supporting transactions such as PO changes, Inventory Levels, payment remittance advises that need to be counted as well. 

Monthly Cost of VANs


                   ****Cost Per Document *****

**Doc Count**






 $        25.00

 $        50.00

 $        75.00

 $        100.00


 $     125.00

 $     250.00

 $     375.00

 $        500.00


 $     250.00

 $     500.00

 $     750.00

 $    1,000.00


 $  1,250.00

 $  2,500.00

 $  3,750.00

 $    5,000.00


 $  2,500.00

 $  5,000.00

 $  7,500.00

 $  10,000.00

NOTE--Does not include mailbox fee or other services.

You also want to factor in how your volume will change over time. For instance, do you expect to add new customers? Will you increase your volume of orders? Will you change your shipping patterns? For example, shipping to a distribution center tends to be low PO count but high product count, whereas ship to stores are middle volume, and ship to consumer is often many small orders.

The decision to go with a VAN provider vs (or in addition to) Direct EDI is an important discussion based on budget, resources, and trading partner requirements. When selecting an EDI provider, it’s important to make sure they can support multiple methods and choice in communication, beyond other areas that are critical (good technical support, deep knowledge of the ERP, integration of the documents you need to process, etc.).  

To learn more about which EDI solution is right for you, and how we can support your EDI efforts with EDI Made Simple®, read our white paper.

Executive Brief: EDI Made Simple: A New Approach


Dynamics GP EDI, Dynamics ERP Integration, EDI Articles

Adding an electronic data interchange (EDI) solution to Microsoft Dynamics GP is more than an attractive option–for some companies, it is a firm mandate from their customers or a prerequisite to enter attractive markets. But there are subtleties to selecting the appropriate EDI solution for a growing business.

Controlling the Cost of EDI for Dynamics GP

Read the blog from our Partner, Panatrack, as we delve deeper into this topic and then learn more in our new, informational brief, "Selecting EDI for Microsoft Dynamics GP".

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ax7-roadmapChange is good and change it was at AXUG Focus 2015. Several out-of-the-gate announcements at the Manufacturing and Supply Chain conference alerted attendees that there’s a good deal to look forward to regarding the future of Dynamics AX.

To begin, AXUG announced that Paul Vaughan has joined the team as AXUG Program Director, taking over for Frank Vukovits who has transitioned to International Program Director. Vaughan has extensive experience with Dynamics AX, most recently as the Enterprise Manager of Information Systems for Stupp Bros, Inc., and he also serves as the Chapter Leader for the AXUG Missouri Chapter.  Welcome to the team Paul!

On the technical side, Dan Brown, Microsoft’s AX R&D general manager, announced during the keynote general sessions that the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics AX, codenamed AX 7, is set to be released at the end of the year. It will be released exclusively on the Microsoft Azure platform first with an on-premise version available six months after the release.

Brown also stated that Microsoft wants at least 50 ISVs to have AX 7 compatible products at the time of the launch. I’m excited to share that Data Masons is one of these ISVs and will have integrated EDI for Microsoft Dynamics AX ready to support new and upgrading AX 7 customers on day one!

For those AX 2009 customers looking to upgrade, there’s good news. Brown announced that customer support has been extended until 2018.  There’s good news too for AX 2012 customers, as the upgrade to AX 7 on Azure has been designed to be simpler and more efficient than past upgrade processes.

It was reassuring to hear that Microsoft will continue its momentum around increasing the speed of delivering new updates to its user community. When working with our customers, we see the impact of simplified technology updates and/or upgrades on a company’s daily operations and bottom line.

With EDI for Dynamics AX specifically, we support Microsoft’s implementation and technology direction with an integration approach that eliminates ERP customizations to accommodate EDI.  For our customers, this means that they can continue to invest in Dynamics AX knowing that their EDI solutions will deliver dependable, uninterrupted service during their technology updates.  Not only does this approach simply matters for the customer, but it ultimately saves them a significant amount of time and money that they otherwise would have spent to customize an EDI integration. Hopefully, this customer benefit will drive more and more Microsoft Dynamics ISVs to have compatible products ready to go at the time of a technology launch.

While AXUG Focus may have passed, registration is open for AXUG Summit 2015, October 13th – 16th in Reno, NV.  Hope to see you there!