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Let the Networking Begin! Going Social Before, During and After NAVUG Forum

November 3, 2011 @ 10:11 AM

I recently wrote the post “NAV Directions Upped the Ante on Social Media, Have You?” and Directions is in good company, as the Dynamics NAV User Group has joined the other Dynamics community members socially, focusing these days on the upcoming NAVUG Forum. And while I’m an active participant socially, for a broader perspective on where the NAV community stands today, and the role NAVUG is playing in the growth of social media, I reached out to Lee Weiner, CFO of Bradshaw Group and NAVUG Chairman of the Board for his thoughts.

Like so many other corporations, social media is playing a larger role in how Microsoft listens to their customers. To support this growing channel, NAVUG has incorporated Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Microsoft Dynamics Community into its online presence and promotions. “I see NAVUG using its collective voice to help other users find answers to questions along with aggregating the opinions of our users so Microsoft can hear what we have to say, and use that insight to create a better product and find ways to better serve their customers,” states Lee.

Lee added that with the world becoming a smaller place everyday thanks to online channels , he sees a day when the NAVUG organization will have a larger global presence. “Not only will members interact on our webinars and social media sites with people within the United States, but as we are starting to see, we will be interacting with people throughout the world. I look forward to the day when the NAVUG community is a global community of users helping users find the solutions to the tough challenges and opportunities and social media is one such channel to help us achieve this goal,” added Lee.

Whether or not you plan to attend NAVUG Forum, don’t wait to participate in this growing channel, get involved now to stay up-to-date on conference and community goings-on.

Looking forward to seeing you socially!

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