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NAV Directions 2011 – connect|learn|execute

October 23, 2011 @ 7:10 AM

This year’s motto at NAV Directions 2011 in Orlando, Fl was connect|learn|execute.

What did this theme mean?

  • connect: partners, ISV’s & Microsoft networking with each other
  • learn: sessions, exhibitors & Microsoft
  • execute: using new knowledge and connections but understanding you may execute many times

Before I get into executing on what I learned from this year’s event, I have to say that I’m amazed year over year how well-organized this event was. When you take into accout that the event is put on 100% by volunteers that many of you work with on a daily basis, it’s even more amazing what the event accomplishes for the community

With that said, thank you to everyone on the Directions 2011 Board and all of the other volunteers who helped put together this great event.

Now to execute. NAV 7 was a buzz during the Keynote and throughout the event, but with a NDA in place, not all the information about product features and functions can be shared, even though I couldn’t stop writing things down in my notebook (hmmm, for someone who is heavily involved in Social Media seems like I need to get into the 21st century with note taking.) I’ill be putting all my notes on eBay and selling to the highest bidder…only kidding Microsoft. As it seems like I’m a little later coming out with my blog post, instead of repeating what many of you may have already read, I’m sharing other community bloggers’ posts that will tell you (of what can be told) about Microsoft Dynamics NAV 7.

Paul White – Excited in Orlando

Mark Brummel - Directions USA 2011 | Facing a 12 Month NDA Period

Eric Waldo - Directions US and its Announcements

Alex Chow – Recap of Directions 2011 for Dynamics NAV (Navision)

MSDynamicsWorld.com - With Limited Public Details, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 7 Capabilities and Questions Abound

PartnerSource (you will need a login to access) Microsoft Dynamics NAV Announcements at Directions US, October 12 2011

The next year is going to be an interesting one as we start to gear up for the release of NAV 7 and getting to hear more about the exciting new features that Microsoft has in store. I think the biggest feature that can be shared is that NAV 7 will be the first ERP from Microsoft offered in the cloud.

Lastly has anyone seen a copy of the video that was shown via the Keynote? That was so funny and I’m sure more people would enjoy a chuckle.

See you in 2012 but let’s not stop connecting, learning and executing.

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