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NAV Directions Upped the Ante on Social Media, Have You?

September 26, 2011 @ 3:09 AM

In the recent blog post "Upping the Ante on Community for the Microsoft Dynamics Ecosystem with Social Media," I focused on the idea of evolving face-to-face experiences into more continuous interactions by taking advantage of social media channels. There's no better time than now to bring up the subject again as we're getting ready to hit the conference circuit.

I'm excited to share one example of a group that's adopted the idea of extending their once a year event into a continuous conversation. NAV Directions is the only channel-driven event focused 100% on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This partner event occurs once a year each fall, but really, with the amount of information out there to be learned and shared, couldn't this event be held more frequently? Yes, but that's not the reality. So what has the NAV Directions planning board done to keep the momentum of this event alive? You got it, they've upped the ante on social media!

If you visit the NAV Directions website, you'll see that they've added "Social Media" to their "Community" navigation. There you'll find links to the appropriate channels to help NAV partners join the conversations around Directions 2011 throughout the year, including:

LinkedIn Group: Directions North America (185+ members and growing!)
Follow: @NAVDirections
Retweet #Directions2011
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/NAVDirections/218032728223672

As a supporter of social media within our ecosystem, I'm happy to see groups like NAV Directions taking the next steps to engage its audience past the conference name badge. Like NAV Directions, many other planning boards are realizing the value behind creating a continuous community beyond the tradeshow expo halls and conference sessions. Keep up the great work NAV Directions!

Now go out there and see how you can be part of this continuous online community! Looking forward to seeing you around the fall events, and online! And start your NAV Directions experience now by following @NAVDirections and using #Directions2011 on Twitter.

Written by Marketing