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Don’t leave this AX blog unread: Brandon George’s Dynamics AX Blog

August 25, 2011 @ 10:08 AM

Recently my fellow blogger at Sunrise Technologies, Brandon George, re-launched his Dynamics AX blog. If you haven’t yet checked out this blog or subscribed to its feed, it’s a must-do in the AX social community as this blog is about everything Dynamics AX, including news, releases, code, how to’s and interviews.

What do I like best about Brandon’s blog? First, its frequency and the timeliness of posts. Brandon is on-top of the latest Microsoft news, events and product updates and is continually providing his insight into the topics of interest. Secondly, Brandon’s passion for Dynamics AX. Brandon consistently provides an in-depth look into the technical details of AX, providing how-to’s and tips/tricks to resolve some of the issues being talked about.

Take a look at the blog and see for yourself just how passionate Brandon is about supporting the AX community and how his blog can influence your knowledge, and hopefully the success of your AX implementation. Check out the Dynamics AX Blog

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