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Fully-integrated and Automated Vantage Point EDI is the Natural Choice for Burt’s Bees®

August 14, 2011 @ 19:08 PM

While honeybees are critical to the success of Burt’s Bees, a manufacturer of earth-friendly natural personal care products, so is the behind-the-scenes technology that supports this thriving company. For Burt’s Bees any technology investment must be able to accommodate their extensive growth and in the case of EDI, meet partner mandates on-time and cost- effectively. Having started in a one room schoolhouse, Burt’s Bees’ outstanding growth has resulted in having 51 leading retail partners within its network. Anticipating that growth, scalability was a key factor when it came to selecting an EDI solution provider.

Prior to engaging an automated and fully-integrated EDI solution, Burt’s Bees avoided the task all together. When it came to EDI transactions, the processes were 100% manual – duplicate data entry utilizing various websites and web forms. Inevitably, Burt’s Bees had to manage the repercussions of the error-prone manual processes across disparate systems. In many cases, these methods delayed transactions and the on-boarding of new retail partners during crucial growth periods.

Working with their technology solutions partner, Applied Strategies of Charlotte, NC, Burt’s Bees looked for an EDI solution that could seamlessly integrate with their ERP platform and grow with their business. The need to automate their manual EDI processes had become a vital requirement, thus removing the inherent risks and unnecessary expense associated with their manual processes.

Vantage Point EDI from Data Masons not only fit the bill when it came to ERP integration, but the solution also:

  • Addressed the company’s transaction integration requirements on a single platform;
  • Eliminated the manual, error-prone processes; and
  • Gave Burt’s the ability to quickly and easily acquire new customers and distribution channels, incorporating buying groups and brokers, as well as customers.

Within a matter of weeks, the first of Burt’s Bees’ partners were up and running with the complete roll-out implemented in just over 2 months. During the implementation period Burt’s incurred no hiccups in their business processes, it was business as usual – just more efficient and with fewer errors.

With a solution in place that continues to meet their evolving business requirements, Burt’s Bees now enjoys “touchless” end-to-end EDI processing that automatically alerts them when errors occur - no hitting buttons and no delays. Since the initial implementation, Burt’s Bees has upgraded to new ERP versions as they have become available and through each upgrade they have found Vantage Point EDI an uneventful EDI technology transition.

Written by Marketing