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EDI Made Simple Challenge: The TMS 753 (Request For Routing) and 754 (Request for Routing Response) Document Set

December 9, 2014 @ 4:12 AM


From ERPSoftwareBlog:

Streamlining and automating the basic core EDI documents – customer-facing Purchase Orders, ASNs and Invoices – is a process that many business organizations have figured out and they have integrated those documents seamlessly with the ERP. However, bigger EDI challenges that extend beyond those documents can truly threaten your company’s business operations and efficiency.

753 and 754 Document Set: Request for Routing Instructions and Response

In an effort to improve their logistics efficiency and lower their operating costs, some of the larger trading partners such as Amazon, JCPenney, Cabela’s and Kohl’s, are expanding their ability to make last minute changes to how and where shipments are routed. These initiatives have a significant impact on suppliers and challenge their systems to assemble all of the data for a hypothetical shipment, transmit that information and then receive a response document that finalizes the shipment. The response can have a significant impact on WMS and ERP systems and thus provide a major challenge for seamless automation.

To complicate matters, all of this must happen in a limited time window, typically 24-48 hours prior to scheduled shipment, which drives the need for a sophisticated EDI solution to “simplify” the process flow. The EDI solution must have...Read How to Efficiently Manage the 753 and 754 Routing Requests

Glenn McPeak
Written by Glenn McPeak

Glenn is a supply chain expert and has over 25 Years of EDI/ERP solution consulting and ERP/EDI software product design and management. Glenn’s has managed and executed over 200 successful ERP and EDI related projects in a wide array of manufacturing and distribution oriented industries. Glenn is knowledgeable in the following ERP platforms – Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics GP. Glenn holds a Bachelor of Science degree with highest honors from Babson College and numerous Microsoft Certifications, including Microsoft Certified Professional.