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How Can EDI Help You Sell More Microsoft Dynamics NAV, including NAV 2015

September 15, 2014 @ 2:09 AM

speaking op image for blogWith the release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, a window of opportunity opens to rethink how and which 3rd-party solutions are integrated; EDI is no exception. As Dynamics NAV functionality evolves, it’s critical that organizations evolve their EDI strategy to guarantee immediate and future support for their business.

While most EDI partners can handle typical EDI scenarios, what happens when your NAV customers’ business and ERP investments evolve into other requirements such as XML? Can you count on your EDI partner to manage unexpected, more complex scenarios and fully-maximize the native functionality found in Dynamics NAV 2015? Or will your EDI partner fall short and potentially cost you customer satisfaction, and in the long run, business?

The right EDI partner can help you: 1) eliminate EDI obstacles during the ERP sales cycle, 2) provide expert support to your clients and perspective clients and 3) deliver the same level of technology and services no matter your client’s industry or ERP version.

Join Data Masons’ session at Directions 2014, “Rethinking EDI with the Evolving Landscape of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015” on Tuesday, September 16th at 9:45AM. This session will uncover the nuances between various EDI integration approaches that can significantly impact your ability to win Dynamics business and increase your customer satisfaction standings.

Written by Marketing