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reIMAGINE 2014 Opens Registration for Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

June 5, 2014 @ 11:06 AM



reIMAGINE 2014 - Microsoft's new event that combines the previous Stampede and Technical Airlift events - has opened up registration and sponsorship opportunities for the community. This event will combine the sales and marketing tracks from Stampede with the technology and development tracks that were the focus of the Technical Airlift event.

Session schedules along with the speaker roster are published on the reIMAGINE website. Each track will have several focus areas, including:

    • New to GP.
      A set of sessions geared to new people. Get your hiring done before November, and send your new staff to Fargo!
    • Interactive Workrooms.
      Conferences are great but it's always a struggle to change or act on new ideas when you get back to the office. Interactive workrooms give you the opportunity to build a professional demo, create a PowerMap, develop a companion app - and much more!
    • Surprise Keynote.
      Our special guest is sure to WOW you when he or she shares how they reIMAGINE things every day!
    • Peer Interactive Discussions.
      Talk to people like you and get ideas in a structured way.
    • Meet Microsoft.
      We want to hear your ideas!Share your feedback with Microsoft staff at interactive conduits.
    • Help Desk.
      We will have a help desk with Microsoft resources as well as industry experts in our community.

Register Before August 1st to Get a $200 Early Bird Discount!

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