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Yurbuds Transforms the Athlete’s Experience and Selects Data Masons to Transform EDI for Exact Macola

April 23, 2014 @ 8:04 AM

From the Desk of Dennis Bruce:

Welcome Yurbuds Who Purchased Vantage Point EDI for Exact Macola!

yubudsYurbuds was founded in 2008 by Seth Burgett, President and CEO, an active triathlete and Richard Daniels, COO, a 24-time marathoner. Burgett and Daniels left their corporate roles and joined forces to improve personal performance. They’ve been joined by Craig Ceranna, Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer, to realize the company’s mission: transform the athlete’s experience through personalized service and exceptional audio products that integrate ergonomics, technology, and emotive design.

Yurbuds wanted the same thing from its EDI provider as they provide to the customer: great service and an outstanding product that integrates seamlessly with the ERP. With these requirements in hand, Yurbuds selected Data Masons’ EDI for Exact Macola solution. In addition to Data Masons’ innovative integration approach to the Exact ERP, Yurbuds found an unprecedented level of quality assurance in Data Masons’ delivery and support teams. While the Vantage Point EDI solution spoke for itself, Yurbuds understood that support was a critical factor in the success of their EDI integration initiative and appreciated that Data Masons provides the industry’s highest level of support, with a guaranteed response time of hours, not days.

Welcome Yurbuds to the Data Masons Family of EDI for Exact Macola Users!

Dennis Bruce
Written by Dennis Bruce

Dennis Bruce joined Data Masons Software in February 2008 where he manages all sales and marketing functions. His experience with the Microsoft Dynamics product line and partner channel go back to 1999 when he joined the North American Subsidiary of Damgaard, the original developers of Microsoft Dynamics AX, in a sales and channel management role. In 2001, Damgaard merged with Navision and Dennis became a Regional Sales Manager responsible for all revenue in Navision’s East Region. Dennis continued on to Microsoft with their acquisition of Navision in July 2002. His roles at Microsoft for the next 4 years revolved around Microsoft Dynamics ERP sales and Partner Management & Development.