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If You Wait Until April 22 to Start Your Exact Macola Evolve Experience, You’re Late!

April 7, 2014 @ 19:04 PM


One of the beauties of social media is that we have the opportunity to significantly increase our ROI of attending an event by extending it beyond its scheduled 4 days. With the evolution of the Twitter #hashtag, at any time during the months leading up to the event, we can log on to Twitter and follow an event hashtag and instantly access a community of attendees, sponsors, speakers and industry experts.

For the upcoming Exact Macola Evolve event, #ExactMacolaEvolve has been going strong since October 31, 2013 – what have you missed? Since the hashtag’s inception, we’ve heard from the community on special registration rates, who’s attending, details on the sessions, the Autism Speaks initiative, and more. That’s an extra five months of information and networking opportunities that the Exact Macola Evolve Community can easily access to help us schedule our time at the event, plan what questions we want answered onsite and generate activities for our company.

Once you’ve engaged with Exact Macola socially, the benefits continue throughout the conference and afterwards. During the 4-day event you can look forward to live Tweets coming from the educational sessions, keeping you updated on announcements and information coming from the sessions you were unable to attend. And for speakers and event sponsors, using #ExactMacolaEvolve is an effective way to elevate your offerings at the event and generate some buzz. Post-event you’ll find that although you’ve wrapped up your time at the Gaylord, the event hashtag continues on past to help share highlights, presentations and feedback on the event.

And your engagement is just the start of it. Another beauty of social media is it’s ripple-effect. Once one person retweets or shares an original piece of information, the information is shared across the broader community, and that ripple continues on with each and every retweet or share. This ripple-effect plays a major role in our ability to quickly and easily disseminate information to the Exact Macola community, making it important to not only to engage with Exact Macola’s social networks, but to share information with your own network.

While the greatest ROI comes from attending an event in person, it’s not always possible with budgets and projects always factors in planning time out of the office. If you’re not attending #ExactMacolaEvolve, social media is your key to staying in the know before, during and after the event. Just think, before social media was widely used, you had to wait for your colleagues to return to the office to get details on what you missed. That’s no longer the case with the live sharing of information afforded by social networking.

Ready to Start Your Exact Macola Evolve Experience?
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We’ll see you on the 22nd, but look forward to seeing you socially before then!

Heather Robinson
Written by Heather Robinson

Heather is an experienced marketing professional who is driven to help companies large and small to expand partner channels, drive leads and revenue, and build strategic relationships through successful marketing programs.