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"Truly the Era of the Customer is exemplified by this community..."

March 19, 2014 @ 17:03 PM

Coming off of Convergence, it's not like you need a warm fuzzy about the community to which we belong, but you might just get one reading the below. Please read what Kerry Rosvold responded when I asked her, " In The Era of the Customer, what role does 'community' play in supporting this concept?”

kr"As businesses, we all evaluate what’s going on with our customer base: who is new, who is joining from a different segment, and who is using a certain group of products. One thing we all want out of our customer base is stickiness: lasting customers who are loyal to our product and spread that loyalty through positive word of mouth and through repeat purchase of our products. When we talk about the Era of the Customer, the role of the community is one of the primary drivers of product stickiness for Microsoft Dynamics products.

The community of users at Convergence is enthusiastic about the support of their chosen products. You can see it all around you whether it’s bedazzled capes, buttons declaring “I Love NAV”, or the friendly competition we see in product shoot out and 50 Tips presentations. The constant buzz of the community in between sessions, meals, and expo hall visits is around best practices and discussions of how other users are finding success in using their chosen products.

The most amazing thing about this community is the way it continues past Convergence and continues to live and breathe throughout the year, mostly fueled by customers volunteering their time to help each other out. More and more often, we are seeing active outshoots of this Convergence community maintaining networking relationships on LinkedIn, through social media, and through user groups. The amount of support this community lends to each other through periodic get-togethers, online support in forums, blogs, and webinars, and just the simple willingness to provide information, solutions, and references, is astonishing. Truly the Era of the Customer is exemplified by this community who promotes the support of these products through their enthusiastic endorsement and continued use in their own businesses."

No wonder Kerry Rosvold was this year's Microsoft Dynamics Community Champion Award Winner. Congratulations again Kerry and thanks for taking a lead in the community!


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