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What’s the alternative to using an EDI solution with a 3rd-party translator?


The translation of raw data formats to meet EDI requirements is commonly part of an EDI solution provider’s offering, but how they deliver this function varies from one vendor to another. You may not put a priority on understanding how this function is implemented, but it is a critical component when selecting an EDI provider.

Some EDI providers rely on legacy translators such as Gentran® to manage data reformatting and mapping of EDI data.

This might be a challenge-filled proposition for your business.

Using 3rd party EDI translators introduces a separate point of failure and divided responsibility to your EDI system. This will possibly inhibit your ability to manage EDI efficiently and cost-effectively.

Doubling the number of technology vendors supporting EDI can create a lot of confusion regarding who owns what when issues arise and who is responsible for the issue. This will often delay resolution and put the accurate and timely execution of EDI at risk.

Your EDI solution should also work seamlessly with your ERP system. Making changes to your ERP system to overcome the limitations of your EDI Translator creates the risk of compromising upgrades, service pack installations, etc.

What’s the alternative to using an EDI solution with a 3rd-party translator... Read the Complete Article on goERPcloud.

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